Peace (day 495)

Did you cry when I left you there at the cements edge?
Treading lonely along the gravel paths that flirt with the edges of grass
Sunsets that pull at the hairs on the neck
Old boats that wait at the end of the docks
Did any of this make sense to you when you cleaned out the dust?
I filtered out the crap that flowed through the pipes below the uneven cobblestones
I crawled over the little places that stuck into the darkness like the night
Forgetting about the passenger bags that crawled along the benches
Filling up the pouches of candy that floated about edges of sanity
Greedy lips that worked their magic with pieces of love
Stuffed into greedy cheeks that held their peace with clouds
And then the sun set, and the peace was felt
As the dust trails floated off into the distance

Dead Wings (day 494)

Sliding along the path of garlic breath and breast implants
I rescue the old boys from the war trenches in the midst of darkness
Crawling along the carpet so soft
I send my spike into the unknowing bowels of the staunch soldier
With death as a fragrance I sing a tune in my head
Beating so hard my heart mutes out all other voices
Angels and of course the demons that cry into my ears
Send me into tomorrow upon the wings of a god

Gone (day 493)

Gone is the sanity that I have rested upon
Gone is the broken wing I have mended so long
Gone is the eye of love, heralded with steel
Gone is the breakers edge, chariots wheel
Gone is the mystery of histories story
Gone is the evidence in a place of once glory
Gone is the solitude enjoyed in the park
Gone is the morning call, a flick and a spark
Gone is the choke ring about my own neck
Gone is the control once held at my beck
Gone is the grass I’ve laid with my own two hands
Gone is the bitter truth that never parts from these lands

Forevermore (day 492)

Diving headlong into the flaming pits of doom
I swear the only way forward is the golden winged Pheonix
Swooping about the tips of the flames
Tempting it with long arching and flapping wings
Marked with scars of many years of torment
Seduction and thievery
Too long has this game been played
I fly at the beast, nothing but air and fire beneath me
Champion I am, depicted in carvings
Sold to history with sculptures the city will never forget
Long steel sword hammered in the hottest flames known to man
Mass only one man alive is strong enough to carry
And that man is I
I the conqueror, I the brave
I the soldier of all mans misery
I the man of 1000 stories
And the same man of 1000 legends to come
For it is I who sails through the air
Hair wrapped in a leather thong
Of the beasts hide I’ve slain before
It is I who tame this Pheonix now as it soars in the air
Wild in panic, scared in the torment
But I, the calm champion enslave this mystery
I call it now my own and it comes at my call
I who have saddled such a wild beast here
I who has captured that which has never been before
It is I who will be a legend, forevermore

Dirty I Dry (day 491)

I’ve met you on the streets of Athens
Scribbling notes in you paper bound pad
I’ve photographed you sitting in a doorwell
Along the dark streets of Budapest
I’ve handed you change from my own pocket
Calm as I was, poor as I be
Because I’m a fortunate soul
You, begging with a bowl
Most would call an ornament
From the crumbles of Istanbul
Sitting on the stool sipping your tea
I’ve washed in your bathroom
My dirty hands of pain
As I smoked the hookah bong
Struggling forward in the death of desire
Bucharest pulls from my hands
I’ve slept alone with my fathers ghost
Dying in the ashes of a holocaust
Purified in the frozen ocean
Of the forgotten Baltic lands
Riga took away my pain
One knitted scarf at a time
Until my condom did run dry
My bitch dog fattened on the ham discards
As I strolled choking through the graves of kings
And as I stripped bare
And threw myself about the rocky shores of Stockholm
I learnt that I could still walk
In spite my increasing desire
To elevate my feet, out of the rain
Dry, protected with the wax from a can

Bloody Nails (day 490)

We all fantasize in quiet cafés alone
We all make dreams with foreign lovers
Blessed by nights air that’s feeling good tonight
We all eye up the lone maiden sipping wine
Red hair and blazer on, business skirt, blood nails
Eyes too wide for an unmarried lover
Ears to eager for a foreign voice
Straight back and school girl boots
Tell me, do you like the bad boys, Green Eyes?
Tell me you did feel my eyes upon you
Shh, nights coming out smooth

Just Begun Child (day 489)

Head is spinning like a diamond mine
Two glory ants fighting for the right to live
Albeit dead the sun that chooseth to fry the salmon
Slowly searing on the open pit fire
Chances are I will regurgitate up the sense
I’ve swallowed along with my pride
I’ve nurtured while walking away high stepping
So where do I turn to?
What global recompense do I take as my locked in target
Doomlessly sulking away in the corner
Stuffed with fattened steaks and greasy fries
Catch your coattails upon the swinging chair
And you will find it takes you for a ride
Let alone the low rider, hipster-icized
Did you have to bend over to get such awesome headphones?
Watch your step as the clock attacks you from behind
Lassos your bleeding pride and surrenders your soul
Catches your falling pride and prepares a feast
Don’t lie down now, the game has just begun child

Regurgitating Madness (day 488)

You only get stronger when your heart is aching
G Love and His Special Sauce has been know to sing
Bright lights and city streets seem to grab me
Chase me under the bridge and seek shelter from the rain
Dying in the lost spaces that close down borders
And holding on to the empty gates that keep flying open
Unsure whether to jump off or to stay around for the ride
Unwilling to admit that I’ve done this ride before
Wide eyes and itchy noses, closes, Moses
Ran two hundred leagues to spread what he believed in
Understanding the inner voice that cared not for turmoil
Or was it turmoil that led to his prophesized greed
Did he only want a new land to live long and prosper
Then with the enemy and dire straits dead ahead and laughing
The poor stock was chosen directly from the top of the barrel
Easy pickings and lost siblings and leftover pieces of sandwiches finished
Don’t die my love! Don’t leave me here in this cold and darkened world
All unaware of my surroundings and digging a hole for the safety net
It wont provide. Only illusions. Always illusions that separate the now
From the bitter truth of the present. Ever looming present
That doesn’t present presents at all only thoughts of what has once been
But let it die, die, die my darling into the depths of an unclear and dark pool
Let it float out of sight so that even the dog staring into its own eyes
Becomes bored and uninterested with the passing moments of time
Never-the-less, don’t take my warnings for they are deaf and dumb
They lack any solidity like the passing gas of an old dog sleeping
Mere regurgitating madness from a voice hidden behind the walls I lean against
Mere ghosts lingering in the ethereal silence that closes in around me

Lines Upon My Face (day 486)

The lines upon my face that have worn away the years
Don’t give away my fear, they only invite my destruction nearer
But that too isn’t the worst of my troubles that hold me here at bay
They dive deeply into the dark pools with the chances I’ve always took
I have not listened well when I’ve been told what to do
And to thank all those who have aided me well
Would be a valiant pursuit

So I write until I’ve answered the questions that Ive never held back from myself
I explore the possibilities that I’ve never kept away from my soul

I drink to this, in the pinnacle of the night
I celebrate the chances I have yet to take and make

But it would be a fools escape were I to think
My life could be comprised of late night toasts
For had I the chance to hold a romance
I would suffer from the guilt I’d feel
For in the morning, I’d sleep away all my nights delight
And then I’d find I’d have no mind
And be no man at all

So now I sit here and stare away the lines upon my face
Contort and twist and shape and adjust my thoughts
Until that which was asked is far from true
And the answer that is found is much more relevant
To the problems on my mind
Where no chance now could bring back time
To make me believe in you