Angels Arms (day 342)

Heavens fall upon the grounds I walk in the darkening hour
To early for goblins, to late for gods
The sinful presence of something ethereal
Swallows up my veins in a cool tranquil

And listlessly I walk forth into the night
Waiting for the bright street light
To take control of the mood and awake this state
I cross my arms and beg no mercy

But in the path of mourning that I resist
There is a tiny ember that floats aglow
And I, who believes, ponder and stare
What could it be that floats through my hair

At first it seems like an answer to the past
But then it cries the way I’ve forgotten about
Resting in my hands the time tolls on
The angels arms they soon grow strong

On My Breath (day 341)

Perhaps it was lost that night I lay awake
Stupid with drunk on my breath
I saw what I have never been able to explain
Where the answers are to questions that have never been asked

Then, and only then, I was lost
Amongst my familiar things I was lost
Like the cold sun or the free bird
Before I knew what had happened
The lights had turned out and the morning was to early

I did spend the next 5 days stumbling
There was no equal for time
But there were counterparts that played the role pretty good
However lost my heart was that night

Without a word the silence ended
Out from nowhere the claws began to scratch
Reaching for the little spaces within my armor
To leave me a better man

Dangling Wires (day 340)

The rain fell and the lady cried
Tomorrows dreams faded away with the sunlight
Opening up new doors to the land beneath
The land beyond the happy thoughts again
Where children sing and dance and laugh
Where horses gallop playfully in the summers heat
Thickets of grass cloud the vision
And the sun sets on a beautiful day

~back to the present~

Desire, long left in the distance beyond
Like the plumage of a peacock
Or the dangling wires splayed out behind the newlyweds car
Crying babies that spit the pacifier
And torn fishnets with bloody knees

Peace, make your entrance to the lovers: stage left
Find the proper Gaussian fit to the troubles on their minds

Smokeless (day 339)

Peacefully I close my eyelids
Lay my sweet caress into the pits unknown
Put my legs upon the ground beyond
Perhaps too long to play the game
Perhaps too short to feel the rest

At the wheel the cool breeze stirs
Something inside that’s closed it’s mouth
Grip tight, lay waste the fight
Perhaps the gun’s been oiled tonight;
Leave smokeless, devour your plight

Onwards and upwards we float with the light
Little traces of emptiness flickering like firelight
And I with my pens, you with your swords
Scrounging up regret like it’s found in the back
Perhaps then, alone and bitter, I will…

Lost Souls (day 338)

Lost souls have always played a part in the game
Always there when the going gets tough
Ready to pull back the curtains and release the venom

Lost souls have always had a foot in the door
Ready to jump in, but not quite able to make the commitment
It’s ok, for we all need a push

Lost souls have never fully understood the red button
It’s not literal, silly souls, it’s figurative!
Searching through the maze for another way out

Just Alright (day 337)

I lay alone on these soiled sheets
Wondering the future, attempting
To know the unknown, at least believe
Nonsense, romantic illusions of
Comedic jesters balanced secretly
Upon the high shelves of the bookshelf
Nekromantic philanthropy filling the spaces
Between hormone and humane
Perhaps just a little to casual
Given the nature of the beast
For today, though, I am ok
I will fly along the wired route
Amongst routers and switches
That call back my name
Perhaps then in time I shall
Accept the painted toast
With peanuts and pretzels
Perhaps then I shall be .just. .alright.

Abandoned on these Streets (day 336)

I have remained the faithful servant to the mother who has never opened her eyes
I have crawled along the floor: dark, cold, and badly infested
I have saught the brother who has never heard my name in his sacred corners
I have wondered the forest looking for life

Only to find what it is that I have so saught has always been here
Always been laid at my feet like the washed windows I’ve never looked through

Where I wandered told me this secret as I gazed upon its growth
The same growth that told me of death; subdued long ago to the circle of life
But abandoned on these streets that I now do roam
I have noticed here a presence I myself have never known

Perhaps in time I shall understand it’s precious stone that glares at me so
Cast deeply in the stone condemned to harbour such ghastly cultures
What shall remain, of the perfect letters that match the coloured walls
Only the servants shall know, and only in time shall they be known

Endless Grin (day 335)

Pulling fast at me the endless grin
The lover runs from deep within
Tomorrow dies with tonight’s sin
Yesterday whithered with the sacred fin

An aging man that cried before
Grabs his bat and settles the score
Never tried to sacrifice more
Always dread and painfully sore

Left for the vultures
That enjoy malady of sculptures
The dead and beaten tenures
Release a cry from moldy dentures

When at last the sin does remain
Gathered round in unearthed vain
Lay before the many slain
Walk; today remain plain

Wasted Skin (day 334)

I wasted my hands on you
Ripping skin back
In heated passion
Closed my eyes
To remember nothing
Soaked my tongue in your essence
To drown away the memories
I’ve wasted to much time
To hate on you
Myself is the enemy of the past
This which I never had
This isn’t sin
In these dark times anymore
This is the market
Of unsung heroes
We won’t remain
The laughing disgrace
The horns shall grow
In him, and shall reign

Remember? (day 333)

Remember me? The boy of y’or
The boy who used to sing to himself as he wandered down the block
Tripping up each step to deliver the paper
Remember those early mornings when I’d swing on by?
To the tune of a rusty old wheel
Spread across your driveway like the memory that remains

Do you still think of then?
I do
It comes back clearly on the days I’m alone
Like looking up at a headlight as snow’s coming down
Always remember that, but it’s never quite as clear

The house is sold now
It’s not quite the same going back
It’s almost at the point where I forget the address
I don’t think I can remember the phone; that’s ok
I still remember the road there
And all the forts we built in the forested backyard