Merci Beaucoup (day 403)

Le Daron fills my essence
Saturates my soul with
Foreign words and
Romantic candles
Night fills my lungs
With sweet soul
Long lasting vibrations
Life, and whose living
The end of an evening
Of the end of a period
Of the start of a time
To newly discovered
Sweet sensations of
A jungle within streets
A soul underneath
A land with cobblestones
Sensations among the guarded
A little let loose
A memory and a beat
The reason to my existence
Tonight I have found
Tonight I exist
Merci beaucoup

Two Men (day 402)

There are two men looking at me
I’m quite sure: inanimate
I’m confused by their presence
Sitting there they stare
They are dressed as bandits
Chapeau in their hair
Belt of ammunition
Crosses their breast
I can let them be though
In their windows up there
I’ll keep up with my studies
Alone in this chair

Lair (day 401)

I have come from afar to find myself here
Stuck in the middle of a lions lair
I’ve grown mighty weary of the complacent man
Happy to crowd where they can’t get around
But I in my ways have escaped the tirade
Sent all the occult peddling their assault
Off to the gardens to fight with the gods
And I shall reside here, with cup and a pad
To write down my guises, as they spew forth tonight
Perhaps I shall soon then, get a call from afar
That then shall be fine, I shall heed as they call
For the lion that does not roar, is merely a cat

Past, Present, Future (day 400)

When I embarked on this journey
Fair eyed and light footed
I felt a relief from the pressure
A release on my conscience of
What had to be coming
A change in the scenery
A grasp on the world
One last release from all that I had

Now, half way to the answers
Too far to look back
To late to begin that
Which escapes through the sunset
I feel left in limbo
I feel clawing at my back
10 sharpened nails
I feel the speed at which
The day shall return
My time shall be halted
And the space shall be old

But with the sacrifices met
Perhaps the future will push
That which cannot be spoken
Into that which shall be
With dreams does come hope
With hope does come adventure
And with the curled fingers of the future
Beckoning for me to return
I will submit to the past
Rejoice in the present
And expect nothing from the future

Scarves (day 399)

Did you leave me these two silken scarves?
Did you lay them down upon my path?
They’ve tangled me in
A most heavenly scent
One that wont soon
Be sent from my sorrow
But who else does claim them?
Did they float from afar?
Is there a maiden that misses them?
Should I send them in the wind?
I will make them my saviors

I’ve Died Here (day 398)

I’ve died here
I’ve risen up
Let my ashes fall
I’ve returned here
To haunt the masses
I’ve cried upon lovers
I’ve yelled at youngsters
I’ve witnessed deaths
And pushed to the edge

I’ve died here
Two spears to my heart
They came from cupid
Who laughed as they sailed
I plied at his conscience
To which he ignored
I sent home a messenger
Who cried as he ran
I watch from afar now
Sitting on the stars

The Great Fall (day 397)

When the Romans fell
And all hope around them
Sunk into the unborn sea
When the prophesies that told
How the maidens of high
Who oracle’d the destinies would die
When the clouds that held
The towers within
Broke, and the rain did fall
Causing widespread panic
Zeus, the champion of gods
Shook and settled
Followed his instinct
Into the madness
Resting his sadness
Upon the grounds nevermore

Traveler (day 395)

Tomorrow I shall be in a whole new land
One with infinite possibilities
One that smells of freshly baked bread
That encourages red wine and cheese

I will pack some socks, for Ill be gone a while
And I plan not to return
I’ve arranged my things, said my good-byes
I shalln’t see them for some time

I’m flying there, on a little commute
One I’ve done a few times before
But this time’s different: something has changed
Perhaps it’s the air up here

I have no plans, no place to stay
Only one road that I must take
I’ve heard before, that the traveler who
Has no plans is he who is happiest

I Asked A Girl (day 394)

I asked a girl to fall in love with me today
She didn’t answer my question
Instead she waved, as her train rumbled on
From her window seat into tomorrow

I asked a girl to fly away with me today
She cried: “It’s not fair, you’re there and I’m here”
We then continued, as we had before
To talk of our luck and fortune

I asked a girl to sing to me
For I had heard her sing before
She blushed for me, smiled a little
The heaved a great big breath

I asked a girl to walk with me today
Into the park beyond the houses we see
She grabbed my hand and swung with glee
As we stepped into the light of the day

I asked a girl to hold me tight today
She complied and wrapped me up real tight
I didn’t ever want to let go of that
So it’s here, that I stay, forever