Perhaps (day 556)

Perhaps it was the glint in her eyes
Perhaps it was how she asked for a kiss
Perhaps it was when she inhaled deeply
Perhaps it was how she held my hand
Drawing me closer

Perhaps it was her confidence that consumed me
Perhaps it was how she owned the room
Perhaps it was her swagger
Perhaps it was the way her dress glimmered
Exciting my senses

Perhaps it was when she encouraged me
Perhaps it was her freely spoken honesty
Perhaps it was the back seat
Perhaps it was my emergency brake
Straddling the line

Tropical Desire (day 555)

Sunset floods over my reclined body
Memories flutter through my brain
Longing and romancing and warming my soul
Like rum on rocks filling my belly
On this tropical evening date

Desire spreads ’round me in audible sounds
Round and round, swirling deep
People look, people stare
It’s not the sun, no
It’s desire pulsating through and out
It’s eruptions calling out: loud

In this spot warmth never leaves me
Rum never stops filling me
Longing all over me caresses the tropical sun
And puts me into familiar arms of desire
That deliver me to float on

First Star (day 553)

It is like the night, when the first star rises
When I look deep into your eyes
It is like the sound of the first splash of water
As the fun jumps into the lake
The calm all around
With instantaneous sparks of emotion
In a midsummer bliss

Naked lovers that lay in each others arms
Watching those first stars speckle the evening sky
The night shift of animals come out
Creeking along the hidden paths

Do you want to come over for dinner?
Mom will be making chicken fry
You won’t be able to stay the night
But we can watch a movie in the basement
Nobody will bother us there
I like laying in your arms like that
Do you like it too?

Four Horses (day 552)

Death brings me to you
In unbridled fashion
Ceremoniously garbed
Buttons decked with gold
Sword sharpened
Toes pointy
Hat properly feathered
Death, in it’s fantasy
Bleeding my neck
Into pale luminescence
Creeking along
In shotgun
Erect like a ghost
Proud back
Black stripes cross my chest
And four horses pull
As death bring me to you

I Believe You (day 551)

I believe you
You with your twisted words
Slashing away at my heroes
Picking apart the subtle nuances
That matter very little to the future
Brainwashing our thoughts
As you focus efforts
On what matters least of all
Yet plays biggest
On the emotions we employ

I believe you
As you tell me what I need
Through scenes I’ve never wanted
And dreams I’ve never had
Pulling at my desires
And diverting my goals
Into what I’ll never get
A plan ill designed
With fake products
And cheap labor

I believe you
While I stand here full of peace
That I’m not doing it right
That I require more land
More space to hold my toys
More to make me a happy man
Things to make me leave my wife
Things to ignore my kids
Things to push out nature

I believe you
As I stand here on this earth
Listening to the music of my soul
Getting moved by the flowers that I see
And the horizon ahead of me
That all is not right
That the past isn’t free
That the future isn’t now
As I thank my life for love

I believe you

Come No More (day 550)

We knew each other better then
When the sun set for us both
Love letters and fashion shows
All dreams hand in hand
Let it go

For I never wanted summer here
Nor the winter to chill my bones
All I’d wish for was the wings
To carry me homewards on to you
Let it go

Between those days and this now
I’ve cried many tears dry
Let your wings carry you on elsewhere
As to me they come no more
Let it go

Do You Know the Sensations (day 549)

Draw me closer with your breath that’s been so long from my neck
Sensation that crawls along my hips through your fingers
Curls around my shoulders and grabs hold of the back of my conscience

On a journey I didn’t pack enough for
In a rhythm mixed of every song created before

Do you know the sensation you give me when your silent words reach my ears?
Spiraling downwards through my veins into my racing heart
Too much madness gathering around my concentration

Enter the song where angels sing
Floating down the gurgling Xijiang

Bowels (day 547)

Settling into the bloody seat filled with boils and scabs
The leaches all gathered around, squishing about
“Accompany me, my little minions” says the goblin
Leading the insolent forward into the future
Slime lines followed the congregation as they went
Crawling from side to side about the blood
Not a legible word released from their bowels
“And now we shall all jump!”
And then that was the end