Ashram Day 1 (day 1404)

Loud flowers spoke a foreign tongue
Lifting branches seeking shelter
Until their tips no longer pointed,
But beckoned in one silent movement
Ohm. Ohm. Ohm.
Can you cry?
Can you sing?
Can you play guitar until your hands remember
And shake from torment,
Surrendering every precious thought
Holding space where sound is void;
Holding hands where love is all around.
Being, and letting go.
Loosing, but not a game.
Ohm. Ohm. Ohm.

Moon Rain (day 1400)

Rain has been falling a thousand ways today,
From every angle and darkened cloud one could ever find up high.
As I lie here attempting sleep,
Rain continues to dance around.
It is here I think to myself:
“Sounds of music
In my ears
Can always carry me,
But this pitter patter
Could never replace
My moon that shines so bright.”

Cold Sky (day 1396)

I’ve handwritten hate notes
From left to right,
Memorized verbiage
And recited it (in vain).
But every time your
Sorceress’s purple slash
Glowing culdron green hair
Circles around my mind
And escapes in little
Involuntary gasps,
I remember your name
And speak kindly of love
We never shared,
Of memories we never bothered
To sculp. For time,
Like lost memories,
Has slipped between our footsteps,
Taking our visages
Out from in front of
Ten foot windows
To Leave our strange encounters
Reflecting like
Clouds in this cold sky.