No One on My Mind (day 1645)

I am a lonely gambler
I’ve got chips in every pocket
Two cards up my sleeves
But with all my kings and aces
I’ve got no one on my mind

I visit all the dark rooms
All known enemies of state
Keep me company into the night
But with all my kings and aces
I’ve got no one on my mind

The rounds at half past midnight
Two cigarettes in my hand
I’ve been the gambler, I’ve been the loser
But with all my kings and aces
I’ve got no one on my mind

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I Cried (day 1644)

On the edge of my post they cried.
They sat down in a semi circle
With legs crossed and arms placed
Calmly about their laps
And sang to me with eyes closed
And angelic voices reaching from
Stern to bow.
There was an unanswered echo
That leapt from a good cause
To an outstanding motif
Highlighted in the sun.
Whence my eyes swept from
Juxtapose to just a reason
And calmly reminded myself
I was upon the edge of my post
Until they cried.

Edge (day 1643)

We all shake our gates to the sound of riddled irons
Ricocheting off midnight streets in lonely battle cries.
We dress formal, we provide answers,
We lose sight of retail for a better lease on life.
We do this. We pound our own hammer
With all our might, until fatal the blow
Or sharp the edge.

Edge by Ned Tobin

Orca Sighting (day 1642)

A little moment
I stopped to see
A pod of orcas
Across from me

The captain said
I leaned and looked
Found sun instead.

Ho! They played
Above, below,
From every direction
About the sea

Whips and whacks,
Breaching blows,
Whipping tails
And splashing bubbles

Just as they came
We sailed on past
Our ripples crossing
Diverging paths

Jason (day 1641)

How dare you betray my support.
I gave you favor to aid your Colchis,
At the edge of the world I gave you my help;
Passage to my son’s temple
Where a dragon called home.
Atalanta, Heracles, Aphrodite all!
I led you to King Phineus’s
Against his curses,
Who gave you the wisdom of clashing Symplegades.
And dear Medea, dear Medea,
She harnessed your bulls!
She defeated the soldiers!
She held the dragon,
She enchanted the dragon
As you made way through Colchis.
Made way to your Golden Fleece.
To thank her upon return
You betray her loyalty?
You know nothing of wealth, or worth.
Your bed shall be forever cold,
Let her break your new hearth.
This blasphemous Princess.
I would enchant her should she ask it!
Though all know and fear her wrath,
An angry sorceress is more dangerous
Then all those you’ve battled.
And so your fleece, your golden reward,
Lonely and shining, Iolcus always winter.

Perseus (day 1640)

Perseus, Perseus, son of god Zeus
No other then him slayed Gorgon: Medusa.
Sent by the King of Serifos, Polydectes,
Who, by way of riddance could pursue his dear mother,
Danae, Danae, poor daughter and victim
An Oracle’s fear for a grandson’s the killer.
Though as time would challenge
Young Perseus returned victor
Only to see Danae again prisoner!
Polydectes of Serifos no longer of throne,
Beat by dead eyes of Gorgon, Medusa.
Atlas to stone, a Titan’s burden relief.
Andromeda, Andromeda, sea faring Andromeda,
We long for your passage and fear for your voyage.
At long last at sea, a battle with sea monster,
A mortal to save you? Hardly be thy Princess’s call,
For Perseus put to stone the sea monster assail,
And long ever after, Perseus and Andromeda
King and Queen of Serifos
Eternally shining nightly.

Achilles (day 1638)

Styx to bring me unceasing health
Fearsome warrior, feared by foe.
Still a mortal, though godly descent.

Violent, vengeful: a warriors path,
Respect and honor does not forget
The fate of enemies standing against.

And as the shield shall go,
Demise must be at last devised,
A god who punished with dead’s brother’s arrow.

Theseus (day 1637)

I am the rage, I am the heart,
I am octo of each mensis;
Nothing less, a hero’s bravery.

Aethra was my unwed mother,
A time of Gods who took their fill,
Infiltrate the mortal world.

Art thou Poseidon who ruled the seas,
Easily suspected brother of three,
Or Aegeus, King of my throne to be?

Bandits, tricksters, murderers, fools.
A Heroes challenge, a Heroes makers.
And served with a sorceress’ spoil.

Within the labyrinth a Minotaur,
Proof became the feat,
And a ball of thread, home and free.