Popped Collar (day 617)

Panic spreading through my veins
Loosing control that flows over the edge
(Enter night that’s filled with sin)
Creating no good connections
And fire breathing deceptions
(Sideways glances at noises that alert)
Stepping around puddles into night
Loud anger and pure delights
(Popped collar welcomes blithe)

LolaFrost - 20120107 (30 of 109)

Save the Lives (day 613)

Click click twists, CLOCK
Snake the lock into my glock
Firing rounds that never stop

Yes today, not tomorrow
Your eyes fill up, all with sorrow
Line’s end, you’ve killed the sparrow

March march into the dark
Walk no more in sunset park
This man is off: a hungry shark

Blood for blood does not work
A spoon for soup, but not a fork
Save lives, love, let’s work

Replenish Thee (day 609)

I sang out loud for the burden that wasn’t mine
Felt it deep, deep inside this ol’ heart
Sunk me in my despair to my knees
Streaking tears spoiled these dusty cheeks


The grass that grows ’round my breath
Be it thine savior, blue skies above
Take my sorrow away, reap me of mine madness
Circle thou hands ’round my soul
Carry me away with thee, off to the sea
Where salt will lap at my wounds
Replenish this ol’ heart with vigor
Fill me, and let me free
Of this burden that isn’t mine

Death and I (day 608)

Death walked away
In silence and in pain
Beaten and afraid
Death walked away

I called Death
By its unspoken last name
Stalked it
I called Death

Death turned around
Looked at me
Quivering lip raised
Death turned around

Death and I danced
We held hands
A deep romance
Death and I danced

Death didn’t lie
It cleared the room
Dimmed the lights
Death didn’t lie

Until I cried
While Death hurried
Death hung itself
Until I cried