Lilac Bushes and Green Pastures (day 706)

Your pleasure dances daintily around my mind
Lilac bushes and green pastures
With a pond to walk around
A silk tipped hat, a pretty bow tied
About your supple pink cheeks and curly locks of hair
That is where we dined by the pond
Amongst willows and butterflies
Laughing as we nibbled on butter cookies
Tea kept warm by the knit cozy pot
While lounging guests strolled to and fro
Our minds weren’t on them
As we played our cards in the game of courtship
Flashing wild jacks and jokers that shined
But it grew upon a time for us to resign
Bidding each other a farewell, adieu

Thought Battles Clutter (day 705)

When the fury of time
Grips down on your mind
Cursing your veins
Panic holds the reins

Breath becomes shorter
Thought battles clutter
Heat builds inside
Mind flirting high

These battling moments
Painstaking engagements
Are where men arise
And children will die

With hard grit teeth
Throw away, impeach!
Throw off this shell
Begone with hell!

Rage from our eyes
Come alive, don’t die!
Charge on, smartly forth
Take heed of the course

Gone Loony (day 704)

Living inside my head
I’ve started to name my thoughts
Perhaps this isn’t right
Have I gone loony?

I don’t say goodnight to them
I’m definitely not setting an extra place
At the table I eat at daily
But does this deter those rumblings?

They do talk to me
They whisper and hint at greater things
Pushing me, a rush against time
Clawing at my nerves

I will walk them tonight
Along with the dog and my legs
Perhaps they’ll enjoy the night air
It always settles me down

This Time Was To Come (day 703)

I feel a cry, deep beneath layers of cautious steps
One that reaches the far edges of this kingdom
From the cold North where land thaws and turns green
To the tropical South and it’s large brightly feathered birds

It’s challenging, this feeling within
It signals growth, time of change
Pushing my knowledge beyond what I feel
Into real struggles; present ordeals

I did not know this day was to come
This formidable passage of now into future
That grabs at my dreams and eats at my heart
I did not know that this time would come

Ancient Ruins (day 702)

Standing here marked in my sentinel pose
The pigeons have come home, bringing what blows
Shifting time here from then, now, and future
And watching seasons twist before my eyes
Carrying new colours with birth, love, and death

But my purpose has been lost in the changing of regime
What once was a tyrant has now become kindly
Taxes increased, but civil liberties have too

Blinking slowly I become a shifting flower of dust
A shocking array of memories unwritten
While passersby brood and confuse points on maps
And come more and go, pigeons of flight
Remain here in harbour, remain here at rest

At Four AM (day 700)

It’s four am and you’ve just dined on my seven thirty yearning
Ain’t no more lone stars buzzing ’round this night sky
Aretha Franklin making me feel like a SUU-PREME lover
I’ve got soul oozing outa my fingertips
Tracing edges of your naked hips with eyes-wide-closed

I let my words get a little bit dirty, just a little bit
A lazy mid-summer breeze shuttling through these sheets
Carrying the sweet smells of our four am lover games

It’s times like these where life stands still
Where lovers squirm silently under gushing melodies of desire
Darkness concealing tomorrow’s troubles
While a half gone glass of evenings red
Brings our lips together, exchanging our dogged passion
Into pure physical reaction, forever and ever
‘Cause sometimes it’s a feeling baby