The Day I Let Go (day 373)

There is so much distance to run
I’m not able to get the first step
Putting down my pen and paper
Stretching the bindings into airplanes
Erasing the mistakes that last

It’s the hands of the friends
That pull at my soles
It’s the walks of this earth
That drive me now forth
Into the bends of tomorrow

I’ve agreed to melt the ice
With two hands fully cupped
Separated by a thin veil
Of a sunny day and bare feet
Perhaps it started the day I let go

Bloody Knuckles (day 372)

Fully loaded with iron fists of chance
Looking for a way into the new world
Looking for a breath of romance
Knuckles bloody with beating
Hands taught with the rings of chains
Guilty with the pressures of intoxication
Hacked by the curses of Mordor
Beaten by the eyes of the remedy
And soaking in the sin of the distance
Stepping over stones
Looking at hands full of soot

Hands, full of lines
Left over memories
Stories that need wise eyes to tell
Cards that stare back at the sin
Groove talking, sinister dealing
Mad man making, life(less) wielding
And here I sit, working with endless gaps
Pressed between my teeth
Like the random stones of time
Breaking beneath the uneven ground
Ground like flesh in the night

Foolish sinners who mask their pride
Lust will not await the banked remorse
Love will be lost in the ground up strength
Perhaps then the beautiful wisps of dust
Will float their way north
In an never ending spiral towards the sun
Gravity not taking it’s toll on this lone son
Green grass sinking in beneath the toes
Making the glow feel less awkward
Hiding the turmoil like a warm glove
Today will fill up the soul

Memories I’ve Still Got (day 371)

There is nothing wrong with the mood
There is no point in living without the emotion
Like a sad song that plays on repeat
There is no other choice but the long list of emotions
There is no other way
But to sit here, spending my life
Hiding my heart away
Into little boxes awaiting memories
That will grow their own safety nets
That will find their own road
Away through the vault of time
Like a painted canvas laid down in a fury
That’s blown down one million walls
Blasted through the little raptures in space
As they grabbed out like the innocent chains of time
I will spend my whole life writing
I will make my whole life lasting
I will hope for the life lasting
Into the arms of the memories I’ve still got

Power of a Woman (day 370)

It is the evenings walks
Which I grow fond of
With Aiku and the princess herself
We roam the streets
At half past eleven
A dog and myself makes three
We speak a tongue
A foreign tongue
That rolls out of my head like sugar
I’ve learned a poem
A rhyme for the moon
It is here I’ve learnt
The power of a woman
It is where my heart grows fond

Farmer’s Fields (day 369)

At first their is a little track
At which I rush along
Then comes some wild, untamed grass
To far from the farmers arm
Then comes a fence
Barbed with a deadly glare
The field, freshly plowed
Does sit upon the fences other wing
It’s here we find
The rows of dirt
Nearly as straight as I can draw
With seeds, no doubt
For the season of growth
For the farmer to reap and sow
It’s square to him
But diagonal to me
I see it at these speeds
And after that
What ends the flat
A sprout of lovely hedges
From here we see
The story continues
In likewise fashion and theme
Into the distance
Where the eye can see
To the end and then beyond
But wait! What’s that
When I stretch my eyes
I find there in the distance
A village, of sorts
A few houses at best
But they mark the farmers existence
Perhaps it’s there
That more playful life
Also does exist

Tickle The Clouds (day 368)

Giant arching thunder beasts
Tickle the clouds up high
Flashing their brilliance
Only for the teasing sun
Their spin is never ending
No beginning or an end
They make life more bearable
Electricity sent through their wings
Perhaps the morrow will thank us
For bringing health to her door
Perhaps the clouds will anger
At their nemesis forever more

First Horn (day 367)

The serene beauty caresses my being
I watch it from ten houndred meters in the sky
Rising sun catches a glimpse of a bird
Making it’s way further into the day

The trees hardly move now
At this mornings early calm
The rabbits hop slowly
Shaking off the freshly set dew

The clouds they are heavenly
Parting here and there for blue sky
Perhaps the starling will fly today
Screeching into the sky

Breakfast is a faint smell away
Lingering like a fond memory
Today is beginning now
I hear the day’s first horn

Heat (day 366)

Remind me next time I’m in these parts
To wear my shorts
I cannot remember the last time
I felt this kind of heat
It’s like a summer at the beach
And I’m in full sweater and jeans
It’s like I’ve got two hot packs
Resting in my pockets
Standing by the fire
Or too close to the sun
It’s like I’m in a sauna
And fully clothed
Perhaps even some mittens
And a cup of warm tea

No, none of that’s equivalent
To the heat I’m feeling today
This is much worse
I assure you of that

One thing I do know
That today I sure feel
That summer has now come
And I’m to wear shorts

Hades (day 364)

I’m still alive!
It’s been 7 weeks
Or maybe more
Since I’ve been gone
And all I’ve got
Are two black eyes
Hair full of toil
And hands full of scars

As expected
I’ve grown accustomed
To the heat down in Hades
I’ve opened windows
To invite a nice breeze
Why then do I suffer
Must I make some more work
Down here in hell?

I’ll jump on the next train
As it weaves its way through
Partially shaved countryside
Little hamlets and small pastures
Under bridges and through valleys
We arrived this morning
As we jumped through the gates
Herded by capped men

..there is nice music down here

Fated to my suffering
I settle down
I mark my territory out
Amongst the green sailors
Who’ve practiced their gothic
But dear I’m lost
Regardless of their post
High up in the sky
I’ve lost my way down here
With the rest of them