.. Of You (day 475)

Because of you I have forgotten my home
Because of you I have felt life of another
Because of you I have dreamed
Because of you I have seen the eyes of another
Because of you I have sheltered your heart from my wrath
Because of you I have slaughtered my defense
Because of you I sit back with my tea
Because of you I have written this poem

Streets Of Home (day 474)

The streets that feel like home
On the other side of the world
Make the days spent afoot
Easy to understand and carefree

Though meanwhile the memories flow forth
When all the days lust has been spent
Beautiful roads that lead in circles
Blow by my random waltz without cause

Hold back you lofty footman
Galloping here and there like that
Do you not see the trail of dust you leave
Scaring the peaceful travelers?

Pad lightly along the streets
They whisper intentions if you listen carefully
Wise in their resolution
Steady in their countenance

Ancient Ruins (day 473)

Why do we package thee in thine orient so
Bottled with majestic silks that flow
Perhaps the artisan upon whose brow sow
Those splendid desires, a child’s mind set a glow

Does the coffer choose the wisest of paths
That leads him home in times he hath
But lose not the proffers eldest wishes
Always gone the food from the dishes

Dust (day 472)

A lonely seat that waits at the end of the bar
Clears the cobwebs from ones imagination
Marrying innocence to thick laid smoke dust
That one can never quite resist smudging

Perhaps that’s when the ghosts return
Walking in like they’ve never left the place
Light beams catch the dust they turn up
Barkeep still remembers their favorite drink

Their old friends come up and say hi again
Laughing as if one am just rolled around
Not enough, but still a lot
They wont be going home early tonight

The bottles at the top call out quietly
Asking what day it is today
It always speaks in that aged, wise way
That understands it’s all going to be alright

But where did my companions all go
The rest of them dance around here merrily
Red cheeks and full bellies roll
And the door swings shut, silence spills around

All In A Whisper (day 471)

Whisper to me those voices of the night
The ones that cool the soul and feed the breeze
And make words come alive
As leaves in the wind tempt their fate
Can grass that grows tall
Fuel love amongst willow trees
Moonlit like swampy marshes on spooky nights
Deep within the voodoo’s glare

What would you say to me
As we walked along streets at night
Lost in lust and thinking of love
Breaking through sheets of glass
That shatter, never ending grasping
At straws for real life
Stuck beneath the surface without such a voice!

Into my ear where hearing is best
Make out the future we wish for in rhythmic charm
Make the shadows that glare
From recesses of lost thoughts
Forgotten by whirlwinds that creep into corners
Make me dream of that which is now spoken
Make the dearest thoughts flow forth
Like rivers in spring
Make my fever spill forth with such fervor
As to set forth a blaze in the dead of night
Make grass bend and sway
In cool winds of night

Tell me to stay and I’ll forget tomorrow
With words that sound so sweet
Wafting through the air like sounds of night
Pleasing to even the most strayed of beasts
Settling random thoughts of chaos
Honoring un-riddled history of Gods
Playing pipes of the last crowned mistresses
And forgetting no last champion sitting proud at the feast

This and all that was left in a whisper
A cloud of thought that formed from sound
A clarity of pressures that erupted from the invitation
A dance with the softest of moves

Last Chance Waltz (day 470)

Tonight I sit here
Waiting just a little too long
For the hour to strike gold
Heavens with angels
Gone home long ago
Now just the witching hour
Or the hopeful stay out

Blooming with pride
The young soldier
Head held high
Steps with direction
With admiration
And valor
And increased desire
To feel that
Which never was felt

Alone he waits
At the edge of the dock
Hoping for boldness
Knowing better
Rhinestones glitter
Through memories of yore
Thick with incense
Of tonight’s smokey dreams

Nai says the philosopher
Set in his stone
Knowing then too much
Knowing the bride and her luck
Would push forth
Whispers of happiness
Reverberated through streets
Where a lost lover sat
Drinking in the moon
Loving the last breath
Desperately grasping
At lost stones
Leather and black
That filled up glitter
Hidden deep beneath
The casket of the world
Seperated in wishes

Did we win out that game?
Did we spill forth
Into smoke filled streets
Like the dusk that ran over
The light of day
Did we win out at last
When fires began to blaze?
Who then shouted out
Hate filled words at our backs
Did we hear them
Or wish them off
As the beseacher in vain

This story did not unfold
For before love was tested
The dagger was forced in
Destiny was laid trap
Taking hold of the soldier
And filled the soul of
The sunken angel from heaven
Long been retreating
To fight off this disaster
Knowing all names
For the last dip into fame
Letting rest fate
In the wicker basket charmer
Philosopher of many throngs
Singer of many songs

And I
Bold and valiant
The soldier
Tried to keep up
As the lacey disguise
Threaded it’s way
Into the trampled sky
Such was the lover
Mystery in charm

Bitterness (day 469)

The bitterness that rolls off my tongue is like ice cream on a hot summers day
Filthy and dripping and fit for the butcher to hang up and beat
Stuck walking down alleys with a stench so bad it curls the hair on the back of your neck
Piss that’s been brewing, batch upon batch without any relent
And a scowl that scares even the grungiest of vermin about at this hour
A scowl that reaches the street lamps and dims their shine
A scowl that pounds each footstep 3 inches into the pavement
A scowl that doesn’t betray even the door that is unlatched
As is screeches it’s way open in the dead of the night

You don’t understand the pain that I’m in
Bloody knuckles on my face that scratch away my identity
You heal me, I heal you and
All that has been lost over the years of our struggle
Has been thrown into baskets that crawl with tangible evidence
No speculation at the scars that mark this history
Do not knock on this door
This bitterness that will not lighten your day

As It Was, It Was (day 468)

I sat there with eyes of diamonds
Staring into the great wide distance
Dreaming through words that pressed
All the right buttons

I sat there indulging in one too many
In an essence I did not require
With company that enchanted me
All the right words

I sat there with cool wind at my back
Blowing my feelings out the window
In a sudden flush of wisdom with
All the right answers

I sat there tonight
With my bare feet dangling
Wish for nothing more than company
All the right reasons

Deep Dark Mystery (day 467)

I plunge headlong into unrelenting waters below
Unafraid of heartbreak and turmoil they lead me to
For on this path, I am unaware of else that calls
It is I who seeks divinity

But I who seeks is not so vain
To ignore love from other souls
Embrace it well, and share the same
I cry out loud to enjoy the hard rain

Further out breakers roll off moons shiny path
Tempting eyes to dance amongst nymphs
Who carry candles as they weave their way through the conscience
It is this that controls freedom of thought

And I upon this ground so solid
Feel further into the future
Letting go the knotted, slimy tether
Holding together what the sworn remember