Deep Thinking (day 70)

Among the buzzards and bees
Flys swarm and stench radiates
This is death, raw and natural
Decaying corpse of blood soaked skin
And I face it, with unglazed eyes
Piercing it’s cold exterior
With reckless abandon
Ignoring the patient wolves
Hovering yonder
Waiting to enjoy their feast in peace
And I wonder…

Sun Struck (day 68)

The sun has arrived
And here I am stuck
Alone in my house
Hankies surround

It’s ok for me now
For tomorrow will come
And I’ll be looking
To silence the sound

So I sit here in peace
Making my thoughts
Probably more like
Cursing this cough

Riddled (day 67)

Today I’ve been struck
With a monstrous blow
One that has knocked
My socks pretty low
I’ve come through a lot
I’ve battled with wits
I’ve handled fists
And avoided hits

But today has handed me
Quite a different story
Of horrible sorts
Crippled my glory
And riddled my countenance
Slapped me like banana cake
Asking me to communicate
That’s not with a date

Today I’ve been struck
With what I’d call a cold
At first I was sure
It was evil and bold
Something you’d expect
From a virus, I thought
But the Dr. was taught
A cold I had caught

The Start (day 65)

A new beginning starts at the end
A fallen log births once again
A cloud that forms, fades to mist
A sun that shines falls behind

And most of all
In powers of shame
I lie awake
Feeding the pain

A new day arrives, slowly at first
A yawn awaits with splashing exuberance
A blend erupts of the choicest fruits
A hoodwinked scallywag pokes out the door

Time (day 64)

Sun, ever alluding
Peeks its shining head out
From behind the yonder clouds
While the wind
High above in rigor glory
Blows it’s destruction

Shade brings sun brings shade
Brings leaves
Time brings dusk
Time brings dawn
Loosen your grip
Just let it slip