Peace (day 495)

Did you cry when I left you there at the cements edge?
Treading lonely along the gravel paths that flirt with the edges of grass
Sunsets that pull at the hairs on the neck
Old boats that wait at the end of the docks
Did any of this make sense to you when you cleaned out the dust?
I filtered out the crap that flowed through the pipes below the uneven cobblestones
I crawled over the little places that stuck into the darkness like the night
Forgetting about the passenger bags that crawled along the benches
Filling up the pouches of candy that floated about edges of sanity
Greedy lips that worked their magic with pieces of love
Stuffed into greedy cheeks that held their peace with clouds
And then the sun set, and the peace was felt
As the dust trails floated off into the distance

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