Old Tree (day 1193)

Pass through my heart as I whisper now,
I was born to be let free.
Let my whispers carry melancholy,
For my lover forever tarries.
I am a rambling rose letting great seas
Tumble me deep down below.
And let my eyes gently close
With a good nights sleep;
Old tree fallen in the night.

Old Tree by Ned Tobin

Beyond (day 1190)

The long lines on my calendar
Tell me there’s trouble on the rise,
A big storm from heaven to hell
Brewing, rumbling, shaking these windows.

Eyes in the darkness blink.
Hades and Cerberus
Between my thoughts and time
Scatter the answers to unknown questions.

Aggrieve, my letters of sound reasoning.
All suspicious thoughts and delicate fantasies
Shall surface uncontrollably
Rearing like the plunging thunderbird.

Yet here time’s lines keep stretching on,
In spite my tariff for illustrious Charon
Clutched deep to my hearth,
I, simple and meager, shoulder my armor.

A Calmer Pursuit (day 1189)

My rusticated bones have a hard time returning to
Honking cars and attitude
And hipsters looking the other way.
I’m not used to it and I don’t like it.
I want needles of every kind of bough
Littering my path ahead of me
While squirrels and chipmunks and
Birds sing at me with unending stories.
I want spider webs tricking me
Into little games of cat and mouse
While Helios slowly arches
Along the edges of my mind
Preparing for Selene’s calm pursuit
Around and around again.
I want fallen giant cedars to block my path
And to offer a brief respite
With ferns so tender my mind shall wander
To the clear lake I’m heading to.

Midnight Dancer (day 1188)

A pull – this forever moment;
Yearning midnight moon.
To tie dangling laces around my neck
That drip about the floor
Tangling deepest desires – honey thick,
With unending silence
Echoing off my midnight grace.
I handle tip-toes with heaving breath,
Twirling dazedly in passion’s clutch
And remembering concert halls
Echoing my nothing butterflies,
Vibrant and fleeting
– My dancer’s death –
Upon well traced wooden floors
And my forever midnight moon.

model: Leiah Luz
model: Leiah Luz

Unmanned Headlights (day 1187)

Tunnel down this deep dark hole
With an un-handled shovel;
Unmanned I’m blinking headlights.

I lost mine up to my knees;
Life and dirt is blowin me.
Change is seasons we cannot see.

Two dollar bills and my coffee’s cold.
Dusty love-note’s fading mind,
It’s a dusty love-note’s dying time.

I’ve got a spotlight memory,
Driven by a crazy dream.
Unmanned headlights flickering.