Where By Now (day 890)

I am loosing my way, path
My sight and vision that has drawn me
That has layered my soul
To be unraveled
Alone, confused
Clouded in a misguided belief
Loaned out to the public
Really, truthfully
Shifted like last season
Where by now
Amidst my centered thought
I have no more whole
And while lost along the way
I have imagined I
To be purely mistaken
As if a premature frost
Escaping the night

There I Lie (day 889)

There I lie
Face turned towards the heavens imploring
Seeking questions
Yet written on my mind

Sun scattered eyes
Blurring crimson edges
Setting fire to
Out of focus pins and needles

Before deaths cry
Wind whispers shallow markings
On seasons frozen skin
Betraying movement

And forgotten
A heavy coat leaves
Without occupation

2013.10.23 - Prince George Trails

Strolling (day 886)

Day dream with me,
A stroll if you will,
Through weeping willows
Flirting the edges of a pond.
Home to Canadian geese
With park benches
Scattered about
In an loosely knit pattern;
Two left, four right.
And old lamp posts –
Think nineteen fifty New York
Al Capone and the Rat Pack,
Steeze so steep
It takes a cane to walk back up –
The only way to hold this dream
Is to head along,
Around and around
Strolling through the gay couples
Hand in hand in thought and plans,
Midday sun with passive flies,
Squirrels about gathering nuts
While little bits of escaping grass
Grow up between the cracks,
Making the scene one of delight
One of softness
Fit for a stroll

Richard Rococo Leon Bowsky (day 884)

I find myself floating along on this delightful day
Lost without being lost, happy without a cause
Joyfully munching the highest of acacia leaves
To quench my hungry appetite
After all, living as the tallest terrestrial animal
Requires a quite unique palette
But all this jibber-jabber
You’ll have to excuse me and my manners
How does the sun shine on you today?


The Flood (day 883)

Passion floods my blood soaked eyes
Laying dormant towards the sky
Fallen lifeless amidst debris
All life has ceased to be with me

For fuel once burned deeply within
A heart so true; nearly sin
That clogged the eyes searching about
Destined for truth, a heavy clout

Long had land been free to me
To wander about in unbound glee
Drained clean this heart of all its blood
To life that guides on in an empty flood