Just Begun Child (day 489)

Head is spinning like a diamond mine
Two glory ants fighting for the right to live
Albeit dead the sun that chooseth to fry the salmon
Slowly searing on the open pit fire
Chances are I will regurgitate up the sense
I’ve swallowed along with my pride
I’ve nurtured while walking away high stepping
So where do I turn to?
What global recompense do I take as my locked in target
Doomlessly sulking away in the corner
Stuffed with fattened steaks and greasy fries
Catch your coattails upon the swinging chair
And you will find it takes you for a ride
Let alone the low rider, hipster-icized
Did you have to bend over to get such awesome headphones?
Watch your step as the clock attacks you from behind
Lassos your bleeding pride and surrenders your soul
Catches your falling pride and prepares a feast
Don’t lie down now, the game has just begun child

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