Snowboarder (day 584)

Wind swept pillows molded by a scimitar
Catch a winter surfer eye as if shining like a star
Who, in all his layers, bundled for the fun
Sways this way and that, then carves on away
Bending at the knees, turning from his hips
Launching off cliffs, he soars through the air
A smile cheek to cheek, a scarf warming that
Snow flying everywhere; the markings of a trail
This tells all of a snowboarder’s decent

Love Me (day 582)

Perhaps it was when I let go of the past
That I stepped out from beneath the cloak
Beneath the warm resting place
So laid out with holy hay to please me

Those days in my memory fill this mind
With confusion and misunderstanding
No matter who I turn to in these days
They know not the turmoil I did feel

Of what I once was a true master
Now I look upon for no more
Not for lack of interest, true it not here
But for a displacement of my desires

I have moved on with passions
Into realms to you unknown
But this hardly make them
Any less of what I harboured inside

Please let me grow now
With the wings that you’ve given me
I’ve loved you for giving me them
Now love me for using them

Christmas (day 580)

Evening approached and the table was set
Kids gathered around all dressed in their best
I, with my wisdom, did carve out the ham
Sharpened the knives for thinly sliced meat
Hors d’oeurves were laid out for the hungry to snack
But all there to witness couldn’t resist what they saw
Candles were lit for the mood of the night
Glasses all clinked in festive thanks: grace
Feverishly eating, heavenly tasting
The food all consumed, the belly extended
Happily the family rested in joy
Content from the feasting
Warm from their labours
This was their Christmas as it ended in bliss

Nooks and Crannies (day 578)

Willfully pulling you against me
Pressures begin to rise inside
Your breath blows imaginary curls
Resting around the back of my neck
I fondle your nooks and crannies
Exploring this secret frontier
With eyes so wide they freeze frame
And memorize the goddess they behold
Sparks whiz and whirl around
Bouncing off the walls
Darting between the sheets
And colliding with us lovers
I breathe deeply and inhale the essence
Choice words play at the edges of my tongue
As I arch my eyes at the cresting moon
Deep inside the dark caves
Of the night sky that gazes down
While lovers tangle in happy delight
Little whispers saunter around the room
Hiding behind dusty books for another day
And lovers fade into pillows
All thoughts have come and gone
Except smiles, smiles do remain

Peaceful (day 577)

We all pay attention
Look into the glass
And watch the bubbles form

We all sit in a crowded bar alone
Staring into the absence of mind
And wonder about our journey

We all smile at the little children playing
It’s an uncontrollable thing
The same as laughter modifies our face

We all meld into the future
Unconscious of our friends we lose
Happy about the footsteps we’ve led away

We all have to cry
It’s inevitable in our destruction
It’s peaceful, after the storm