Steps of Another (day 465)

Night came easy to the lady with a laugh
The axe easily cutting through layers of clay
Laying alone with ten uncut jewels
The gypsy woman scattered her quest long and hard
Sewn deep into clumsy depths of a searcher
Calculated as if owned by magic
Laid out like one driven

She danced here in the bright glow of a full moon
She danced like the moment would never last
Eyes wide shut as passion encircled her
Long hair flowing in black locks sent deep into earth
Little splashes that crest over the dead still lake
And moonshine that shares all its planned
She takes my hand and we begin to dance

Flames erupt like night has never started
Towering ghosts watch silently
Giving their blessing with a nod and a sign
And music carries on into the flesh of night
Echoing off the walls of the walls
Pigeons swaying along to the reverberations
Slow arching cries that feel right

Did the night ever end?
Long backwards glances that stretch into the new rising sun
Strong hugs that last as long as they should
And discoveries of an imaginative sort
The only answer that’s already been spoken
Deep breaths that fuel morning stretches
With thick steel walls that decay as it rusts

Eyes that pierce flood gates
That held back pressure of a thousand years of war
Statues that caress the only sort of feeling
Allowed within walls of creation
Allowed within the heart of the pure
Laughing on the back of an ethereal Taurus
The steps of another that lead you home

I Died Today (day 464)

I died today in a little heaven
With stained tiles and purple partridge
The butterflies that rested easily
swept into my gaze assuredly

The music that wafted up at me here
Claimed part of the breath that I expelled
The vine with its grapes heavy overhead
Planned ahead for another day

The tea’s aroma that filled up my lungs
Calmed all my passive thoughts evermore
And with their gentle nuzzling betrayed
I closed my eyes so peacefully done

Escaping Me (day 463)

The love notes I want to write to you
Escape me as I close my eyes
I swiftly let the dreams wash over
Carrying me to another place

But the distance doesn’t shrink then
The memory becomes harder to believe
The factory my soul was processed in
Left the angels feet cold and wet

Perhaps though, it will not end
Perhaps the notes will carry me forth
Stepping aside from the guerrilla pen
I crawl back into the omnipresent void

Do signs share with you your fate too?
The ways of sands don’t let me sleep
The cold I’ve felt and never breathed
Is my own soul, escaping me

North (day 462)

Once on the path
I cried and I screamed
Then all at once
That which, was unseen

I plodded along
I lifted my heals
Grown and clear
Navy blue seals

Across the wide rivers
Through the deep forest
I laughed and I sang
My path now the shortest

Little foxes then came
And asked for some words
I laughed and began
My friends, eye the fiords

Off with a start
The took to the north
We shared not another
Our lives filled their worth

Then (day 461)

Head held high in this state of disbelief
Luck is the cards played this morning
Fortunate is the destiny I’ve swallowed whole

But I’ve abused you in your unrelenting
I’ve neglected nurturing our seed
Is this the answer, is this the way?

And you, stealer of the future
You’ve come and snatched up the drooping strings
That dragged along the floor so low

I’ve left a lover, then
I’ve held a lover, then
I’ve used a lover

Don’t cry you mocking angel over there
Standing with your wings so proud
Carrying the glue that holds the twine

Crooked boards and squeaky wheels
Bring along the wagon of tomorrow
At a light trot and loose reigns

I’m leaving now
The work of unfinished bruises
The footsteps in the mud

This is Destruction (day 460)

As Angels swoop down and cover the ground with dust from their wings
The Titans throw up their tridents and glare
The masters of ceremony reach up high and come crashing down
With wild notes the orchestra shudders to remember
And clouds raised up in the skies above
They shout wild accusations at one another
The Giants that hold them there at bay
Laugh hearty laughs and set them free
Dragons that come from far and wide
To side with conspirators, war with foes
The Demons crawl up through the holes in the earth
Blazing with fire and daggers in their eyes
They battle with no one, against all
This is destruction, where we all shall fall

Cold Death (day 459)

The day I awake
Doors wide open
I am clean today
Unwritten lies

Singer of sadness
Cries out the poems
Widow of worry
Cries out the tears

Blue moons are calling
Setting deep within
Old ambitious man
Left to be cold

The ground is hard now
Under these feet
Sadly they swagger
In death unknown

Dear Children (day 458)

My dear children
I’ve been waiting here some time
I’ve been holding onto my book
Flipping through the yellowed pages
Thinking of you

My son, your charmed elegance
Your presence simply beams my pride
Startling personality
That I grow to appreciate
How I’ve missed you

Dear daughter of my own style
How beautiful your long hair is
You make me long so much of my younger days
I wish I still had your skin
My beautiful girl, the love we have

I cherish these times my dear Children
I wish we could always remember
These beautiful moments here
Sure enough, as days pass on
We will not laugh nearly as much

City Row (day 456)

Peaceful serenade slips over my body like the cool morning sun
Lighting up each tiny hair that caresses the moist air
Memories flicker back and forth between last night and dreams
And I look cooly on as mother nature alights another day

Down below the children cry for hunger
Sitting slouched with angel dust covering their smiles
Walking silently, deep in thought the restless go
Another day has begun again, deep in the city row