I Asked A Girl (day 394)

I asked a girl to fall in love with me today
She didn’t answer my question
Instead she waved, as her train rumbled on
From her window seat into tomorrow

I asked a girl to fly away with me today
She cried: “It’s not fair, you’re there and I’m here”
We then continued, as we had before
To talk of our luck and fortune

I asked a girl to sing to me
For I had heard her sing before
She blushed for me, smiled a little
The heaved a great big breath

I asked a girl to walk with me today
Into the park beyond the houses we see
She grabbed my hand and swung with glee
As we stepped into the light of the day

I asked a girl to hold me tight today
She complied and wrapped me up real tight
I didn’t ever want to let go of that
So it’s here, that I stay, forever

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