Past, Present, Future (day 400)

When I embarked on this journey
Fair eyed and light footed
I felt a relief from the pressure
A release on my conscience of
What had to be coming
A change in the scenery
A grasp on the world
One last release from all that I had

Now, half way to the answers
Too far to look back
To late to begin that
Which escapes through the sunset
I feel left in limbo
I feel clawing at my back
10 sharpened nails
I feel the speed at which
The day shall return
My time shall be halted
And the space shall be old

But with the sacrifices met
Perhaps the future will push
That which cannot be spoken
Into that which shall be
With dreams does come hope
With hope does come adventure
And with the curled fingers of the future
Beckoning for me to return
I will submit to the past
Rejoice in the present
And expect nothing from the future

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