Between The Lines

I miss the nights
That line up
In the new part of an old city
Where street lights feel like rain
On cooler summer night
And my homeward spin
Takes me from a warm crowded room
Onto cobblestones
That echo from my engine
Roaring to life
In spite the effort
I have put
Into making the right moves
And swaying between the lines.

Be A Lover (day 3131)

Be a lover,
Be the greasy spin
Of mind in madness,
Spiral and sway
Of clouds and trees.
Be the cheap section
Of a good time song list,
And missing strings
On a good sounding guitar.
Be a warm evening
As buzzing whips of
Crackling cans opening,
And a creaky lawn chair
Hopes for strength.

Woman (day 2971)

I don’t know how to tell you
That I see stars inside your eyes.
Every time I watch those stars
A galaxy opens up for me
That spins and whirls
And ignites with life;
Burning orbs in orbit.
And in those eyes
I’m met with joy
Such that astounds my every moment
Like a little cat jumping around
Playing amidst daylight’s echo.
I’ve searched for words
And folded my letters
To find the galaxy I sought to describe,
But in doing so
I’ve learned so well
That no mortal man
Can articulate
What woman holds in her hand.

Speak to me Gratitude (day 2727)

I am gone in the order of gratitude
Baked cookies and a overflowing milkshake
Beans for supper but hold the pudding
I’m watching the stars go around again
But Polaris makes me spin around
This collaboration expanding in an exhaust of pain
For a two letter word in a five tree forest
Begun the path, no return
Running silently I empty each bag
Carried for so long, straps begun worn
And something thus calls me, standing I’m alert
Hollering and hollering, Thusurathar
Name me again, gratitude remains.

Extraordinary (day 1508)

The minds of others
Are so extraordinary
Nothing normal
About conscious thought.
And even if it were,
Even if extraordinary was ordinary,
Was so mundane it
Barely passed as thoughts,
An outlook would certainly
Be something other worldly,
Something I’d spin my head at,
Look twice
And repeatedly question…
Because fact is
It just wouldn’t be my mind,
It wouldn’t be consciousness
And that truly is
The remarkable condition
Of human nature mixed with existence.

Remember (day 345)

Remember the times when we laughed out as kids?
The sweet songs would hold us, and spin us around
Our toes that tucked under the sand
The sun that beat down as we washed out the day
On our backs in the sun kissed hay

Remember the movies we would catch Friday nights?
We’d close our eyes as we ignored the previews
Annoyed at being shown the future holds more
Anxious for the feature that held the score
We’d hold hands and relax, just as we always did

Remember the music we’d look for and find?
Days spent searching for that perfect line
We’d spend hours in that old music store
Waiting for the cheap deals we knew we could score
You’d look up with excited eyes and we’d both smile

Do you remember dear, where our time has gone?
Where the days have turned to years
And our ways have turned to patterns
Tomorrow lets do something new, unprecedented
Let’s make the story longer, let’s laugh again

Crazy With Company (day 53)

Alone at last
It’s been to long
I’ve waited all these years

I found your shoes
Under the bed
One lace a little long

Could you please pass
Over to me
The last half grilled cheese please

If it weren’t loud
And stuffy here
We’d spin records and dance

But for now, dear
We will make due
With stilettos and pie!