Remember (day 345)

Remember the times when we laughed out as kids?
The sweet songs would hold us, and spin us around
Our toes that tucked under the sand
The sun that beat down as we washed out the day
On our backs in the sun kissed hay

Remember the movies we would catch Friday nights?
We’d close our eyes as we ignored the previews
Annoyed at being shown the future holds more
Anxious for the feature that held the score
We’d hold hands and relax, just as we always did

Remember the music we’d look for and find?
Days spent searching for that perfect line
We’d spend hours in that old music store
Waiting for the cheap deals we knew we could score
You’d look up with excited eyes and we’d both smile

Do you remember dear, where our time has gone?
Where the days have turned to years
And our ways have turned to patterns
Tomorrow lets do something new, unprecedented
Let’s make the story longer, let’s laugh again

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