Snowy Vista (day 3123)

I awoke to find the land had changed
A gentle blanket had settled down
Covering what I could see
Sleeping in the trees.

Clouds had moved away and off
Left the day with a blue sky
One that reflected white;
Brightness hard to see.

So far there were no footsteps
Hiding all that humans had chose to leave,
This left deep peace upon my mind
Setting my regret for once free.

Pocket Watch (day 1490)

I’m starting to lose focus on time,
Like the 99 heading straight to Nowhere.
The capital city of: I’ve never been there.
Anger, danger, regret, strength,
Oblivion in a massive entanglement
Of red arrows and pick up sticks.
There was some antidote
As time slipped it’s age-old
Abbra-cadabra magic betwixt
Reason and murder, holy truth and destiny.
I can’t pass this challenge
Even though my perfect pocket watch
Clicks an even tick at high-noon.
I love, but this is no love.
Entangled with soul and wisdom,
Heartbeat to a slow beat
With loose morals and fast cars,
I’ve come too far to remember
My dotted lines without headlights.
I am not a man.
I’m a ’69 Camero with hot love in the back seat.

Empty (day 1325)

A light that shall not come;
Shadowing my lonely heart
Into depths of wild regret.
A wild stallion rears it’s fiery mane,
And a God opens her palms
In an intimate reveal;
My heart shall always ask in dance.
And there sits the emptyness,
A lone bucket untouched,
Unshaven. Unfilled.

Torrents of a Storm (day 1198)

Today I dove into the earth
Straight to my father, Hades.
He spoke of worry, and other sorts
Of malady and ill-practice.
I lamented these points
In great detail, until my eyes filled up
With great regret,
The sorts that has no name.

Persephone, the great King’s wife,
Delighted me with wine,
And as we sat in the great hall
My eyes grew heavier still.
Until the calm of so much storm
Threw me into: unearthed,
I was no longer man, no longer breathed
All I ever was did mourn.

But just as soon as hell did pass,
Just as the ghost had called my name,
I woke at once, with a great start,
And Nothing welcomed me home.
So there was I, burnt inside and out,
Left to be held close by Nothing.
There were no words, but all was said,
Until calm rolled over my mind.

Lost is always a mystery,
A lance driven in by force.
But so is joy and unbound glory,
To the victor go the spoils!
‘Till at last the weeds come out
All laid out for thy viewing,
Where sparks become the ignition
To infinity forever after.

Upon my pony I did gallop,
Into up out and off to my home.
I crawled around and foraged a while
To scavenge for my dinner’s meal.
And there I saw, in haste to my father
I had missed what now spoke to me,
A field of love, in golden ripe
Which at last meant I was at home.

My Dear Loon (day 1154)

Upon the brook I sat a while
Whistling my long & lone tune,
I thought I heard a critter come
But it was just the moon.

It echoed off the water so clean
That my heart lept at the thought.
And soon my mind was back again
Amidst this lone lagoon.

In my tarry I carried a pack
Stuffed with my new booty.
Not filled with random this and that,
But of my especial boon.

I held it close to my lone heart
As I breathed in the vista,
And just as I approached depart
I was greeted by a loon

Who whispered my heart a calm.
I knew once more, with no regret
That as I sat and whistled along
It would be time to go home soon.

Floorboards (day 1105)

Pearls fell out my pocket today
As I shook from head to toe.
No, it was not a dance of
Twenty-some toes,
But a fury so deep
It saturated my own regret.
I laid there as they rolled about
Uneven floorboards.
Face to floor;
Face to roof.
I was uncomfortable
And still aloof.

Dreaming of Singing (day 1100)

A range of extremes rushing through my heart
Billows and swells my emotions alive.
So I, all exposure; wind at my neck,
Look to the distance with dreamy eyes sans regret.
Moments that crawl deep in mud
Shaking mystery free from it’s longing and clutching grasp.
A sad song sung alone, echoing off towering cliffs.
A sweet song sung on a bellowing clarinet.
Could you lie to me just a little bit longer?
Rush to my head on a caffeinated high.
Your sprouts in my garden are light in my eyes,
And singing alone’s become quite obscene.

I’ve Got A Mean Side (day 765)

It’s been my time, wasn’t your time wasted
You small time boss shaking with rage
Warning “this isn’t the usual way things go ’round here”
I know, dipshit, you’re unnecessary
Hardly a fry, five less an empty saloon
My manners were impeccable
Style fitting for the summer air
Wasting my time grounded into the road
Shake hands and show me regret
Perhaps it was due, after all
Trying too hard and against intuition
Believing too much in unproven faith
Warning signs, dead ends
Unanswered calls in the middle of the night
Past me, you can forget my time
It’s nothing to you, nor shall it ever be
I’ve got a bad side, one you cant see
Walk with me and lookout for the score
I’ve got a mean side, one with full words
Don’t remind me of your tomorrows worth

Sweep Away (day 621)

Swooping down to greet earth
Sands of serenity blow in from beyond
Groping all with each passing second
An hourglass figure high into the sky
One step forth into winds of change
Takes away sad thoughts
Takes away deep regret
Takes away wallowing injustice
Attacking the littlest of extremities
Upon soul’s troubled mind

Eyes closed and arms outstretched
Deep breaths that fuel sands
Crawl up the spine of soul
Into central nerves that regulate movement
Where a shake begins to take control
Into the heart of passion
Into the soul of hunger
Into open arms of love
Until the last drop of mal-content
Fades off into wicker brooms
That sweep away forgotten thoughts

All Night Diner (day 574)

I walk away with 10 lbs of guilt
Drying out at the side of an all night diner
Pissing in pots for immediate release
Burgers for the greedy
With fries

Where I once felt free
In the shady hours of the night
I no longer lurk with the victims of crime
Sitting cross legged at the altar
Single candle burning

I comfort my sentence with salt
Easing the napkin under the table
As I sandwich my regret between two sesame seed buns
Smelling redemption
Smiling in content