I’ve Got A Mean Side (day 765)

It’s been my time, wasn’t your time wasted
You small time boss shaking with rage
Warning “this isn’t the usual way things go ’round here”
I know, dipshit, you’re unnecessary
Hardly a fry, five less an empty saloon
My manners were impeccable
Style fitting for the summer air
Wasting my time grounded into the road
Shake hands and show me regret
Perhaps it was due, after all
Trying too hard and against intuition
Believing too much in unproven faith
Warning signs, dead ends
Unanswered calls in the middle of the night
Past me, you can forget my time
It’s nothing to you, nor shall it ever be
I’ve got a bad side, one you cant see
Walk with me and lookout for the score
I’ve got a mean side, one with full words
Don’t remind me of your tomorrows worth

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