Taut (day 2833)

Each glow has been filtered
Down a line of education
Memories clouded
By acid rain
And electromagnetic radiation.
In spite it all
Each effort
Each consciousness
Each advocacy
No singular action could resolve
Bitterness we all so feel strong
Yet must we search on?
Should we seek to find answers
So desperately within our reach?
Should we gamble and risk,
Dream and desire,
Fight and protest,
Gripe and lament?
The glow, ever glow,
Keep the strings taut.

More (day 826)

Don’t ask me to laugh
Only crying
Sad, long tears
Breaking apart
Tectonic plates
That built civilization
Erected skyscrapers
Tormented millions
With juggling sadness
And sobbing
And shouting out for answers
Don’t ask for more
There isn’t remittance

Dr. John Irvin Feebleshift (day 757)

Ahh but I’ve been trying you see
To excel at all my studies
I am, after all, a studious beast
Studying all day, as it is
I’ve picked up some secrets
Theories and quantifications
Which makes sense, if you think about it
Complete sense when taken in context
But without questions
There are no answers to logically justify
So then when you ask
Should I be asking you questions?
“Of course!” I shall answer
It is but a trifle upon my abilities
No hindrance to my day at all
To answer you with vigor
Responding to your inquiry
For in the end
Without my knowledgeable responses
What good would my studying be?
How just are my studies
If I do not share them
Impart what I’ve learned on eager ears
Surely it’s a fools game
To withhold knowledge
From the inquisitor
Assuming the inquisition
Isn’t a dispute over whether or not
My head should remain on it’s comfortable perch


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Beacon of Hope (day 750)

It was gravity that pulled apart my soul
Placing memories into the future
Scattered across untrod landscapes of distant lovers
And pulling down on the edges of my smile

-Here I was thinking I had answers
Solutions to problems surfacing on my mind
Yelling at my little conspirators-

I am a little pinnacle of hard edges and rounded corners
Flashing my bright colours at the kaleidoscope
Busy with horrors that meet my sight symmetrically
Echoing late memories lingering amongst cobwebs

-Did I plan this with my own innocence
Or was it ignorance that left me helpless
Learning from my cold teachers with ill humour-

Crashing down into piles of oozing thoughts
Broken secrets and unanswered love notes
This is not a rehearsal for faint memories
This is a beacon of hope in a sea of madness

Disappointed Consequences (day 661)

You see, this romance was impossible
Your disappointed heart and its wings
Never dropped off for a visit
Bonded efforts with another mind
Aligned with another motion

Intentions tricked consequences
Answers: full of lies
Convenience was never easy
Until the day you took flight
Sailing with eagles and wooden paddles

How careless of me to not feel this
To not listen to the words spread out
Motionless in the sea of thought
Dormant as space flicked between us
And eyes gathered around little baskets

Did you feel it?
I’ve walked without sandals before
The path worn so
Let’s not play make believe
Gather the picnic, we’re heading home

Faintest Scent (day 650)

Into the faintest scents of memories
The world whispers it’s answers
Up and beyond leftover thought
That faintly caress hovering fading light

[Past shuffling feet
That arch through cobblestones
Past empty mouths
That gape wide at silent sidewalks]

Like smoke in humid shadows
With careful fragmentations floating
Full of unanswered love letters
That lingering gospel subdues
With spoken promises

A shifting presence marks its space
With hidden answers carved into air
Whirl winds here collapse time
And carry fading light into darkness

Answers (day 379)

I can’t understand the meaning of the answers I receive
Torn from my belly like the beast that’s suffered alive
Wholly ridiculed amongst the ashes and the saints
Saved by no one, and no one can remain inside

All around, as the children gathered to hear the stories
The red venom spewed out like an infection: unstoppable
All around the eyes opened like saucers full of secrets
Began with two loaves of bread, two slices of cheese

Throughout the streets the cobblestones rattled
From the distance all could hear the dull roar or thunder
Presses were laid, patterns were played
The final decent was begun, the line was rung

An Un-Ending Walk (day 72)

I walk alone deep into the darkness
Wondering thoughts to fresh to come out
To sensitive to be asked
Can we witness an escape?
An alternate pleasure?

I know the answers, deep down inside
They caress my soul amongst wombats and wizards
But like the un-ending tunnel
I’m not sure which way is out
Have I gone on to far?