Beacon of Hope (day 750)

It was gravity that pulled apart my soul
Placing memories into the future
Scattered across untrod landscapes of distant lovers
And pulling down on the edges of my smile

-Here I was thinking I had answers
Solutions to problems surfacing on my mind
Yelling at my little conspirators-

I am a little pinnacle of hard edges and rounded corners
Flashing my bright colours at the kaleidoscope
Busy with horrors that meet my sight symmetrically
Echoing late memories lingering amongst cobwebs

-Did I plan this with my own innocence
Or was it ignorance that left me helpless
Learning from my cold teachers with ill humour-

Crashing down into piles of oozing thoughts
Broken secrets and unanswered love notes
This is not a rehearsal for faint memories
This is a beacon of hope in a sea of madness

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