Claudious Zemphirian Alehandro Phillithanian (day 687)

It is I, the majestic phoenix who shall rise
Into the dawn of a new land
Glorious in my rebirth and reaching unbounded heights
Heralded by lookouts and prophets
Who have foreseen this same dawn through ages
I shall rise to save the existence
Adorned with praise by all
As I step up to the..

Excuse me?
No, I do not need any tea right now
Thank you though,
You’re very kind


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Did You Get the Bacon? (day 682)

I just wanted to tell you, you look nice today. Did you clean your coat?
No honey, it’s spring time! I’ve been swimming
Mmm. That’s why you’ve been smelling so delightful too!
Wally, did you remember to get the bacon at the store today?
Yes Waddle, it’s on the ice cooling, should I go get it?
I think that would be a great idea, I’m getting hungry, and you never know how long it will last with the neighbors kids out and about… Can you take the garbage out too Wally?
Yes dear, anything else?
Well, what would you like with the bacon for dinner?
Perhaps some salted home style potatoes? With some squid? Would that work?
Oh! Great idea, I think we still have some squid frozen in the freezer, could you grab that too?
Aye! I can smell it already!


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Wally and Waddle McIntyre (day 681)

Wally and Waddle
Are two of the same
Penguin and penguin
One shorter
One taller
They stand
As they huddle
Happy together
Dancing in tune
In a glorious wobble
From here to the bottom
Or until seasons end
For then with a new born
The charge will be on
In a rippling instant
In one big mad dash
To the water: a feast
To the water with greed!
Swirling and spinning
Around and around
The catch and the kill
Eat until filled
Then return to the nest
To share in this test
Feed our new child
Fed beak to the beak
With moments that ensue
We know each other
Relentless we shall go
Our love will reign


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Chestly (Charley) Winterbottom (day 680)

Oh my sparkly stars
A glorious day!
I have so many things
I’d like to do today!
First, I’ll circle the tree

Then I’ll have some breakfast
On the nice broom shrub
Perhaps I’ll see my friend
Simone de Longnose
Out and about today
He’s a quiet one though
It’s hard to get him to stay…

In the heat of the day
I’ll head to the shade
Climb the giant fig tree
My sanctuary of happy!
My tree for me!
Mom doesn’t go up there
She prefers the ground
But I can see the world
The whole entire world
From up in those branches
I’ll nap there
Up in my tree

Mom usually calls me for dinner
As I dream in my tree
But I’ll come down then
Because today I just know
There’ll be berries
Mmmm I love the berries
But bamboo is good too
When you’re hungry I guess

What will you do?



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Wilfred Winslow, P.I. (day 678)

By Scott, we’ve got them!
We’ve finally solved it!
Mystery of the Seven Sins
It was a hard one
No thanks to lack of cooperation
But with your willing help, Newman,
With your clear logic and seamless wit
We’ve managed to crack them
By Scott! We cracked them good!
Did you see the look on their faces
When we surrounded them in that two bit diner?
They all thought they were free
Free as an eagle that soars…
Not a chance, not with us on their tails!
Ha! Those dirty rotten scoundrels
Locked away behind bars of justice!
Paying the price for thievery and cheating

Tell me Newman,
Did you think we’d get them
Did you think I was crazy
When I accepted the case
A private investigation case
From that half-wit Constable McLearan?
I had doubts, the robbery was seamless
Not a single alarm was sounded
Staff wasn’t alerted
Business wasn’t halted
No villains were filmed
No getaway car
No nothing!
Not even a transaction to trace!
But we got them
And we got them good


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Shandi Fulumbatti the IV (day 677)

Papa, how come my trunk is so long?
Papa, why do giraffes have longer necks than us?
Papa, do I really weigh one tonne?
Papa, will you teach me how to spray my back with water?
Papa, where are my stripes?
Papa, can we really swim without flippers?
Papa, do you like grass or shrubs better?
Papa, will my ears grow bigger?
Papa, don’t let them take my tusks away.


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