Moon at Midnight – Part XXXXXIV (day 2028)


By the morning nearly all of Willow’s left ribs
Were as blue as the night sky
We laughed with her about the size and colour
But laughing for her
Was the worst thing and made her
Double over in pain
But doubling over would hurt, too,
So she was certainly in a way.

We decided we would go home
Lily, Willow, myself, and Moon Cow
To make sure that Willow would be ok
She insisted that she wanted to keep going
But I said we might as well wait a week or two
Until she was better
She finally agreed
Mostly because the pain she felt
Made her thoughts jumble
And overwhelmed her
As she tried to make a decision.

Two days of walking lightly
With no noteworthy events to speak of
It was quite fun having the little bear cub
But we weren’t really sure what to do with it
We finally agreed
After Lily became so attached to it
That we would keep it
Until it became a problem
But Moon Cow advised that it might become
Even more of a problem
Once it was familiar with us
And most likely would never leave
Our village
I suggested it would be a good guard,
Lily named him Little Bird
Because he was shy like a bird.

When we arrived home
There was quite the commotion
About why we were home so soon
And also about the bear cub
And then further when everybody found out
About Willow!
It was definitely right that we returned
As there was a constant stream of people
In and out of the teepee
To tend to her and make sure that she
Had everything she could possible need
To heal her
It got so much so
That she began to get frustrated
At everybody telling her to sit still
And relax
She was clearly anxious to get up
To walk around!

Within a week the blue was fading
And it was still hurting her
But much less then initially.

(part XXXXXV)

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