Jason (day 1641)

How dare you betray my support.
I gave you favor to aid your Colchis,
At the edge of the world I gave you my help;
Passage to my son’s temple
Where a dragon called home.
Atalanta, Heracles, Aphrodite all!
I led you to King Phineus’s
Against his curses,
Who gave you the wisdom of clashing Symplegades.
And dear Medea, dear Medea,
She harnessed your bulls!
She defeated the soldiers!
She held the dragon,
She enchanted the dragon
As you made way through Colchis.
Made way to your Golden Fleece.
To thank her upon return
You betray her loyalty?
You know nothing of wealth, or worth.
Your bed shall be forever cold,
Let her break your new hearth.
This blasphemous Princess.
I would enchant her should she ask it!
Though all know and fear her wrath,
An angry sorceress is more dangerous
Then all those you’ve battled.
And so your fleece, your golden reward,
Lonely and shining, Iolcus always winter.

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