Borders (day 455)

These foreign cities that circle the boundaries of my belief
Let me understand how modern we are
How even across the world we can share some stories
And come out connected like two siblings by birth
It’s beautiful how a language can break down these ancient city walls
Berlin wasn’t separated long, just a small pox

Still, people have their borders strong in their mind
They transcend all lands with mental images
They live in thunder and lightening storms
Brewed for something that is just different
Boundless with their arrogance as they strut some more
Limited in their beauty as they walk home alone

Cars that whistle as they pass on by
Cats screeching as they flip up their tail
Prayer echoing in the late hours of the night
Bells that call to you in harmony
And all for the death of a poet
A man who never cried out in vain

One Day Baby (day 454)

Some days you dance through still motions that float by
Dreaming in a sober state of consciousness
Gambling love with light with strange verses of mystical poetry
One day baby, one day

Midnight then and sweet calling from the other side of the bed
You move boulders baby and light up the tallest buildings
You change me like ice chases rivers; pure delight
One day baby, one day

Just as stars wave their goodbyes and pull into sun
Music turns to repeat and landslides stop spinning
Bottles drying up on the floor that never sits still
One day baby, one day

Ghosts now pass the clear blue horizon that stretches lazily over the hue
Wracking memories that have flushed away heat
Settling in for the long car ride home now that the winds died down
One day baby, one day

Fifty Thousand (day 453)

I can see the moon here
It glows beneath this clear blue sky
Yelling profanities at the bitter and twisted
Undergrowth of fifty thousand trees
With fifty thousand leaves

The moon has something to say today
It whispers to the lawn gnomes that listen
Quietly sitting on the sun fed lawns
They hear the secrets, they know
They’ve lived fifty thousand years ago

Today I heard the moon speak
I waited silently in the middle of the lawn
It held my hand and told me of the future
I shared a story with the moon today
We walked fifty thousand miles together

The moon passed by my way today
It was beyond which I could have imagined
It was silent yet spoke fifty thousand words
It smiled and wept fifty thousand tears with me
It came and left, fifty thousand lives ago

Lawn Thoughts (day 452)

Spots flicker over my sun lit figure
Slowly spreading outward
Along the grass I graze upon
I let go the hold I thought I had
On the surface that surrounds me
I pull on the purple flowers
That grow around the shady spots
And the music that wafts my way
Anchors me down to the ground
Throwing away the little pieces
That grab at my invisible thoughts

Sunscreen on Your Nose (day 451)

I used to love you like a wild woman should
Full of youth you showered me in elegance
Holding me high upon your shoulders
As we waltz’d through parks

There was a time when I would sit by the phone
Waiting for you to call on me
I’d talk sweet words to my friends of you
When time would hold us far apart

Then, as hours turned to years
We grew up like fresh sprouts from earth
Quickly in spring, blooming in summer
And grasping to sweet life in fall

Here we sit now, asleep in the sun
No longer wary of our youthful exuberance
No longer conscious of voices around
Comfortably numb, rest in the mind

Where shall we go tomorrow?
Does it cost that much?
Do you have some sunscreen on your nose?
Can I have a sandwich please.

Tear Drops (day 450)

Through these tears shine happiness so true
Struggling with all their might to break on through
Soaking the countenance with unabashed pride
And plundering the graceful present with sobbing

Last of all the Angel who never breaks free
Floats above the left over games like Athena
Voices whispering into my right ear of hope
Surprise visits at opportune times

Wheels spinning along the dusty gravel road
Forward the time swaps backward, again
Listlessly awaiting high noon in a fashionable way
Counting the tear drops as they hit the floor

Points that Pass (day 449)

Memories flicker through the time lapse we call the day like danger signs for the extreme
Crashing around the bottom of the well with reverberating silent waves
Screaming into mason jars at unheard of decibels and not even stopping for air
And down crash the waves as they plunder all that strays near
Taking the precious time to focus on the minute while a world awaits at attention

These are the points that pass by much to quickly
Into a time that won’t come again
From a space that won’t be occupied
Living a dream that’s not into tomorrow

Necessity (day 447)

It’s time like these
That push us forward
That search the records
Of what we’re looking for

It’s melancholy
This act of faith
Trespassing further
Towards the gate

Then, only a whisper
Reaches the ears
For the distance is
A far reproach

Encouraged within
The act of necessity
A grain to learn
A gain to earn

Back and Forth (day 446)

So then as I glazed over my gritty resolutions to reek no more mayhem
The adolescent monster inside of my thickening skull began to itch
Screaming out louder as the ticks on the wall began to lurch forward
I could not resist the urge to plunge in head over heels like a bat outa hell
Flying with rage I ran with all my strength, hands flailing in the air
Through all the cobwebs and lashing out at the unseen ghost
Darkness had begun to surround me, increasing the hysteria
And all too soon I was flickering, dazed in a pool of disturbia
Like a lone lightbulb hanging from an empty room swinging back and forth

Back and forth. Back and forth.

I tumbled dryly in a heap of exhaustion
Not quite sure what had just come to pass
The sweat on the back of my neck told me it was good
But the throbbing in my hands told me that tomorrow would hurt like hell
I could hear the slow drip from some unknown source in the other corner
It’s labored breath hinted that I wasn’t alone in destruction
My eyes failed to focus on the distance, spinning as they were
All I could do was sit there, head against the cold brick wall
Hands by my side slowly fingering the cold stones I sat upon

Back and forth. Back and forth.