Bella (day 332)

I will love you
Even without you with me
Bella, you are always with me

I will share with you
All my cookies
Bella, you are always with me

I will always be
Sold by the eyes of you, love
Bella, you are always with me

I will love thee
In spite all the misgivings
Bella, you are always with me

Bella, come home to me
Make me a happy man again

I Did It (day 331)

Well, I did it
I spent the last dime
I ate the last pea
I walked the last mile
I suffered the last tear
I inhaled the last breath
I closed the last eye
I wore the last shoe
I shot the last gun
I killed the last bug
I slept with the last whore
I fed the last dog
I caught the last train
I mended the last sock
I kissed the last sweetheart
I drank the last bottle
I smoked the last cigarette
I used the last battery
I abused the last family
I sang the last song

And all for a greed

Growth (day 330)

I have reasons upon reasons
To think back to the cold spring days
Frost, covering the grass
Bright sun, sending rainbows across the drips of life
That are found within every dew drop

I remember the grooves in the pavement
The shiny bike I barely knew to ride
I remember the driveway
With a giant pole for separation
From that which was the neighbors

All of it, so long ago now
So much time has passed between
Those cross-velcro shoes and neon shorts
Till now, reserved and patched
Wounded and healed; but still for growth

Port of San Francisco (day 329)

The year was 1655 and the ivory coloured walls of Pier 1 sat soaked in sun, waiting for the next shipment of pacific salmon and giant tuna to steam into the harbour.

Winter had been long and the patrons anxiously awaited the burning smell of the smokers that would soon be as active as Johnny’s brothel, the cheapest joint in town.

The doors scarcely had a moment of rest, as they sat glistening in the bright sunlight that was disturbed at every random moment one of the hungry linesmen got a call.

But none of the folks seemed to care one bit, as they hurried along on their usual ways, that the ambient energy of the scene had just shifted from blue to green.

Many of the men seemed to grow and inch or two with anticipation, a look upon their faces that spoke a thousand days of hunger, that glint in their eye.

The loud horn from a distance blared and reminded sailors of old, nearly forgotten stories of y’or.

Wives waited impatiently with children in anticipation of the success of the trip, who really knew these days which each passing oar that combed the streets.

Who really believed in the word of mouth anyways when it all turned out the same anyways?

Change really wasn’t common along these streets, same people, same horses, same carts, and the same grievances.

All the same except this months catch: halibut, salmon, tuna.. you know, the usual shit.

This was the situation, as we walked into the doors at the Port of San Francisco.

Sun (day 328)

I have wandered these busy streets
With nothing but the friends in my head
I’ve screamed out loud
At the top of my lungs
And only the birds do seem to respond
A ghost has come and taken my brother
It’s swept him away from my life
But then, in good faith
Placed back in my path
A soldier of fortune
Upon which I rest
If fills up my smile
It shades in my hair
It lingers around as I walk
Today I smile
Because I am alive
I am a soldier in the mail

Despair (day 326)

Deep in despair I’ve grown accustomed to the faith
Deep within the circles of sanity
I’ve learned how to point, or rather trace
The glossy edges of vanity

And for how long does the green grass grow over there
How long does the beckoning become
All that is here and lives within the fair
Perhaps more is then left for those with some

Then, with all the crowd cheering aloud
The grasshopper will be trampled and dismantled
Alone in the wilderness the sun and a cloud
Play tricks on life and deaths sampled

Faint Scent (day 325)

When the traveling troupe rounded the corner
They couldn’t help but thank the good graces of the Lord
They had been walking their weary legs
Forth into the untouched world for many moons
For many moons they had wished that they would one day soon
Find the lost land of their ancestors
Who had so diligently cultivated their land and their hearts
Their souls and their traditions
Forever lasting in the earth that they sow

The travelers stood there in awe
What they had only dreamed of had just opened in front of them
And to help in the majesty
Mother natures golden rays of love
Shone upon their brows like the warm
Souls of their weathered feet
Briskly crossing the untortured path

For now, the gang wars were far away
Faintly whispering amongst the Kentucky Blue grass
Leaving a faint scent in the winds of time
Scaring away the coyotes that howl through the night
With the laughter of their guns
The gang pushed forth, almost at a sprinters pace
The homestead in sight, the chickens within earshot
And the great mother upon the doorstep
Sweeping away the never ending dust
Squinting at the distance where she felt the visitors

Ladybug (day 324)

I have a home
It is under the leaf
It is green where I roam
Here at home

I have spots
The protect me from sun
They accumulate with age
This of my spots

I have antennas
That probe my way forth
It helps to detect
These nice antennas

I have six legs
That propel me forth
They aren’t all that I have
These here short legs

For I have wings
That fold out from secrets
They fly me back home
There with my wings

The Light (day 323)

Many moons ago I was laid upon the bed
As a newborn, ready for bread
As the light took flight from the electricity
Embarking upon its journey forth
Encompassing me with weightlessness
This feeling of perpetual motion
That inevitably pushes the legs out from the
Cowards and the creeps
That lays waste and barren the
Outer shell of superiority
This light put forth a search
A breath that couldn’t be caught
A race that couldn’t be stopped
The game, it crawled with speed
Catching whirlwinds and storm clouds
By surprise, circling the crows
Harnessing the wild cats
And the future calls forth
And the future comes again