Cruising (day 50)

Cruising, with the wheels below my kicks
Feeling good, all relaxed like
Watching the beautiful smiles
Gather around for music in celebration
Today is Vancouver’s 125th birthday
Rolling on, two chaps riding longs
Lions Gate, a marvelous sight
The little city of weird huts
Inukshuk, with one single spotlight
And a pool? Who knew there was a pool
Cobblestone makes funny noises
With very tricky switchbacks
English Bay has funny faces
The goal, the view in sight
Means Science World is my beacon of hope
Slightly sweating, pushing hard
A seated biker, with a cute bell
Up and over, I leave the wall
I’m done for now, it’s been swell

Readings in Sociology (day 49)

Honesty creeps in to the cobwebs
Getting slowly tangled by the conglomerate
Mass produced media machine
Propagating the good life
The life you believe is the life
The life you see is the life
Through properly reflected beams of light

And you sit amazed, I try not to stare

NAFTA swears they make you freer
Yet demand you sell your food
For cheaper than you can make it
Demand you don’t complain
When your forced to eat the backs
Off your own beady prosperity

And you sit amazed, I try not to stare

Lower wages, longer work hours
Outsourcing, downsizing
Globalizing, restricting
Letting things work their way out
Private, public, selling, buying
Insider, lobbyist, missionary, representative

And you sit amazed, I try not to stare

This Too Shall Pass (day 46)

A hurt from such a rift causes my soul to bleed; bandages cannot repress
Social anxiety, misgivings, and confusion; poor mans shoes
Die with your holy preacher man pointing fingers at the victimized
We are all to blame, says she, but you shall suffer
Rote killed the carpenter, rote riddled the masses
Smite kept the homeless alive fighting keystones and matchbooks
Desire put your holiday panicking over dark and fuming holes
But your money bought you pain that your doctor couldn’t heal

This has shaped your soul into puppets you cannot identify
Sleepless in your figure, shapeless while you work
Amongst your goblets and amulets
Hurt by your call to society you’ve never represented

Clean (day 45)

Washed away the regret
Washed away the delay
Washed away the motivation
Washed away the silence
Washed away the meaning
Washed away the secrets
Washed away the inevitable
Washed away the conceivable
Washed away the time
Washed away the reason
Washed away the desire
Washed away the notions
Washed away the sex
Washed away the religion
Washed away the roads
Washed away the dirt
Washed away the peace
Washed away the war
Washed away the sun
Washed away the green
Washed away the grace
Washed away the cold
Washed away the sin
Washed away the abstract

And left
And left
And left was my soul

Growing (day 44)

Dirty windows seem to obstruct my view
Into the far beyond; the void of reason
Poorly washed without the substance
Clearly showing wear in edges
Mold is flourishing where the going gets moist
Vines keep creeping where the wall gives way
A glow escapes where the sun flickers
And I sit blinded, mesmerized

A Lust (day 43)

Romance calls from beyond the lines
Hidden beneath the layers of cool
Inescapable within conversation
But avoidable in the connection

Days they roll on in contempt distractions
Avoiding the questions for the presence in mind
Clearly browsing the shelves distracted
Without a sign of wanting ever after