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Whiskey Disco (day 2215)

Whiskey disco has me moving again
Two steps backward
We got four steps to go
Deep diving sunshine
Off a dock kept afloat
By two more bottles
That I just can’t let go
So I’m singing loudly
At the Whiskey Disco
With my old friends
Who’ve got to much on me
We live our lives
So that we get overrun
By no other then
The Whiskey Disco

Over The Mountain (day 2138)

With my soul that’s been flying
I’ve gone over the mountains
Swept little known secrets
Into every day dealings
And with two birds singing
I’ve heard excellent ringing
My mind isn’t reeling
And I’ve come to believe in
What an effort can do then
Like a hand out of water
And heights I’ve been feeling
With my soul that’s been flying.

Sing My Song (day 2075)

When we’re young
We’re all we ever need
Why are we so silent
What makes us hide
Cool wind on my face tonight
And I’m playing a song
In a minor scale
Because I’m sitting here tonight
With no one
To sing my song to

You Used To (day 2063)

When you used to sing me songs
I was James Dean and you were love
And wind flowed through our hair
Past a highway sign that read: ‘see ya later’.

When you used to run your hand
Across the front summertime chest
I’d look you up and down
Until we’d both run all round.

When you called me that last time
I was a million miles away
There was static playing on every line
And my voice was in a tin can.

Now, when you come to my mind
You’ve still got those wild daises in your hand
Your smile is the size of the sun
Where we’ve both just begun.

Beginning Goodnight (day 1850)

This is the beginning
The middle
And always the end
I have run with you into madness
As lovers
As a good friend
And by lingering moonlight
I will sing
And wish you goodnight.

Ode to Wild Flowers (day 1763)

As the sun kisses my face
Your blossoms shall kiss my nose –
Fill my eyes with butterflies
And leave me singing songs.
And when I walk up to my shins
Amongst your thriving throng,
My toes shall catch your hearty stems
My fingertips you’ll reach to kiss,
And leave me lost in harmony
Like I’ve once felt before
On a sunny day out at sea
Where my mind remains happy, forevermore.

Wild flowers of the Okanagan, BC

Frost (day 1592)

Where are my eyes,
The sad fellows singing heart songs
Along icy Nordic roads
To the beat of thump thump thump –
Hard footsteps to control
As solid Mother Earth
Shuts down her blooming
To awaken the underbelly of life
That slowly crawls in vein-like formations
Through all things
Dead or alive.
Where are my eyes
That I have not let sing
But needlessly fret over wrinkled sheets,
Ignoring the awakening world
In a thin veiled frost,
Laid out as if the spine of her neck
Were strangely tingling
Alerting her of tragedy.
Where are my eyes?

Frost by Ned Tobin

Long Road (day 1501)

I feel I’m suffering alone.
I feel my eyes are closing off.
I think that there’s no way
I’ll live
To tell all of my stories
From this very long, long road.
Because it is a long, long road.

I had a hand in my own truth.
I had desire cutting deep.
I feel there was a moment
When all
I had to do was dream
Enter in this long, long road.
Because it is a long, long road.

I have never let go of emptiness.
I have held out my heart to sing out loud.
I had the chance to make
A life
With everything I dreamt
Along this very long, long road.
Because it is a long, long road.

I needed one too many paths.
I needed to let go of this I knew.
I have always believed
We are
Passionate indeed.
So we’re all a long, long road.
Because it is a long, long road.

At Home (day 1439)

My reality is filled with love:
A backyard of such splendor,
Vigor wafting through my open window
Singing sweetly to this heart
In a home of one thousand cats.

Inside Our Pulse (day 1350)

Hold me as we go out of our heads
And into stardust that
Continually floats about
Uncommon thoughts that live here.

Feel freedom with me,
Hold my hand tight
And sing a song
A little out of key.

Controlled by whipper-wasps,
Heavy in synchronicity
To our beating pulse
Through which our fingers touch.

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