A Young Lovers Slow Dance (day 208)

Romantic getaways slowly fill the empty voids that creep up within the spaces
Hold tight the angels in the night, they call upon open windows from creeping vines
Precious laughter bottled into a fragile carafe, carefully flirting the rim of desire
Holler! Young lovers in the night; heed not the glowing numbers hovering lazily about your frame
Capture what makes sense within these bronzing statues staring gaily into the night
Play the keys of that slow song, heavy with personality and strong with soul
Dance, young lovers. Dance slowly into the night; find penance amongst the empty voids

Barking & Fighting (day 206)

I stay awake to believe in faith
I stay awake to fight the elapse of time
Deep within it digs at my skin
Fighting the sin but barking
Barking slowly at the pet shop boys
Stalking the fish tank girl
Barking away the time delay
Sending the romance another way
Dig at the past like gold
At the ground like miners
Fighting for a piece of peace
Fighting for the strength to win in another day
Just like the youth prayed today
Just like the story book ended
Countdown into existence

Books (day 205)

Amongst other things
Seems to drag my daylight hours down
Like the needle fighting the yarn
Spindles through the gates
Shave me again dear lover

Lowers the daylight hours to a mere glimpse
Cowering in softened corners
Fed time by foreign oils and secret spells
Wizards walk here
Beneath and amongst

Covering the distance with speed
I’ve not seen coming from these here limbs
Since the rain washed away the sense
Built up in evanescence
Oh sigh, long lost love
Beyond all ropes of length

Close books
Fight doors
Leave bores
Slam whores
Eat smores

Rambling Eyes (day 203)

I stumble around the corners looking for new possibilities
Forgetting the last treasures I’ve found
With no regard for children I’ve left alone
Or mothers I’ve condemned to home

Sleep at last takes its icy grasp
About the neck of a startled child
Eyes wide and thumb in the air
And mesmerized by talking bears
Huddling in corners of this walled escape plan

I look up for a moment, struggling against all odds
Into deep eyes of a street light
Taking a moment to adjust to sprinkling pixie dust
Layered upon my brow with thick ale (in magic)

Morning’s wake brings silent whispers
Helpful advice and a companion of silence
Breathing the full mountain view into effect
There is hardly a time for thought and mind
Yet in this serene, there is no need, save Love

And down down again I trudge into depths
Sought out only by those deepest carnal desires
Those smitten with the most magical of potions
Perhaps, one hopes, grace is still found in the journey

There’s Blood Running Down (day 202)

The blood running down
The goosebumps: they fill the only void between space and all time
Lost in the backlash of over indulging
Slept on the wrong side again
Fuck, it’s the same in the end

The blood running down
The last breath holding the starlight deep beneath layers
Forever mourning the weakened desire
Forgotten by the squires
Prophesying all that doesn’t. Really. Matter.

The blood running down
The spreadsheets turning circles on masters and wizards
Poisoning the spells with lurches and makeshift cosmopolitans
Dressed up to please the ever indulging normality
Spiced with dreams of circle jerks

The blood running down
The only occasion left on this moonlit sonata passed these steps long ago
Streaking stains hid by the scared bits of light creeping in closer
But I’ve lost hope of these clever bits
My eyes grow weary, zip goes the bag

And there’s blood running down

Infatuated (day 201)

The eyes of desire
The pursuit of deceit
The longing romance
The hate of an enemy

The benign qi
The solitary zen
The journey begun
The path long run

The light at the end
The goal of the day
The challenge set forth
The inner demand

The kiss on the cheek
The late night ring
The dream all alone
The number in red

The waking hour of thought
The song of the dance
The tune of the heart
The first romance

The price on the tag
The numbers on the flag
The spots on surface
The seamless finish

Badomp Badomp (day 200)

Feel my swagger
Badomp. Badomp
I walk; coy smile
I don’t even need to talk…
I know I own the place
Badomp. Badomp

Stop signs turning green
Ladies; up and down
Gentlemen tipping hats
Badomp. Badomp
I know
Today I own the place

Best seats in the house
Parking stalls for free
Empty spots in busy crowds
And easy drinks
Badomp. Badomp
Badomp. Badomp

I live a life of luxury
Fine cars and champagne
Long panty hoes with fancy garters
Badomp. Badomp
Boys and their hootin’ hollers
Badomp. Badomp

Leaves (day 195)

Lost in an adolescent desire
A makeshift, slightly dull dream
Fitted with romance and pretty culture
Little black, very little black

Sun flares blur my vision
Flowers clutter my hair
And only sweet songs fill
The everlasting notes through the air

It’s summer
I’m here at last
I’m here, writing love notes
To all of the boys

Giggling under covers as I re-read
The wrinkled back pages of my life
Amicably plotting the glorious
Future that has yet to shade

Boney knees and hold this please
Skipping circuits and hearts everywhere
Hearts on jeans, hearts on sweaters
Hearts on hands, hearts on books

Hearts on sleeves
Come close to these
I have yet to learn the power
To my unconscious flirt

Dreaming of the boys
Dreaming of me
Dreaming of the blue oceans
Screaming at me

I know in the future
I’ll remember it all
For all of it I’ve collected
In between these here leaves