Eternity (day 607)

I’ve fallen into a pool of bliss
One that reaches up
And smothers my every thought
With kindness and feeling

I’ve been taken away to an oasis
On an island of ten thousand floating orchids
Where sun hazes each thought into a dance
With graceful arms that arch and moan

I’ve lifted my head up to the sky
Seen the clouds dance before my eyes
And smiled at them
Allowing them to feel my gracious delight

The Seasons (day 605)

And fantasy breaks over the ice like award winning actors
Carefully floating its sadness into the cracks of the frost
Sculpting majestic kingdoms for antique traveling

Who walks away with the prize when all soldiers cry?
Dim spots of light fill the sadness over the meadow
While blood nourishes the fresh roots finding the new morning

For then, after one evening of bonfires and dancing
The heavens broke open and spilled out eternity
Laughing out loud as if pricked by cupid himself

As dances all came to a finale and bow
The feelings rustled down in orange and red leaves
With freshly cut pine keeping warmth in the fire

And Peace and Trees (day 600)

Alone in the bush
I continue
With plans in my head
That smile
I step over needles
And cry
Fill up my basket
That weighs
Of burden and memories
But I
Step to the side
And put
My soul into knees
To feed
Life I live
With health
Of strength from battle
I grow
Deep rooted tree
To fall
Upon hands of a maiden
And laugh
Until my eyes weep no more
Fills up my soul
No more
Do I share tears with this earth
Now just
A love that has peace with itself
And smiles

If Would Play (day 592)

If there were stars that I looked upon daily
Would you flounder them into a field full of wheat?
If clouds floated hither, where you and I’d gather
Would the sun break them free from their plight?
If all the birds sang on from their high up perches
Would the music reach our ears as we strolled?
If the path at our feet turned from soft grass to dirt
Would we still walk hand in hand through the trees?
If I looked in your eyes and whispered into your ear
Would the stars keep us together every night?

Winters Walk (day 537)

Cold winter’s setting in
Nights that bite, winds that snap
And an old dog that’s looking good
With a shiny coat thick and black
Friendly vigor as he rolls around the familiar path

Mismatched mitts, a warm winters tuke
And a scarf that wraps right around twice
M’neck’s nice and warm
My nose’s running fast
While my feet carry me home from a walk

Patrons (day 535)

We cross the landscape with skilled learning
Master artisans spend hours exemplifying
History teaches the little nuances of technicality
The subtle lines that weave in and out
Outlining [art] history books and large frescoes
That fill the minds of sleeping popes
And battling heroes that grace the walls
Of far off chapels and majestic temples
With sculptures that raise the hair
On the back of your neck as you gaze in wonder
Upward, towards the sky and beating sun
That pluralizes the definition of beauty
Nature, natural landscapes with perspective
And projections who Patrons can feel
They are deserved of glory within
The definition of beauty itself
Standing naked beside the patron saint
Who makes everything make sense.

Senses (day 533)

Thank you for the breath that I breathe
For the grass that grows green
And then dies in the fall

Thank you for the eyes that give me color
Shades of the rainbow from the sun
And white from the cold

Thank you for the smell from my nose
Fresh turkey from the oven
And wet paint on a canvas

Thank you for the strength in my bones
That lead me into tomorrow
With every step that I take

Thank you for the touch at my fingertips
Dancing happily over exposed skin
Searching blindly in the dark

Thank you for the thought that I think
Setting my plans and my goals
And being blessed with love in my heart