4 Whole Days (day 2813)

I lost my dog a few days ago
He was my world that you never knew.
It brings me sadness
How little time he spent here
And recognizing how my own life
Moves on from his presence.
I want to remember him
In the little ways he would
Make me feel special,
No mortal soul, I should dare,
Could compare in devotion
And thus it is to the stars
– His own shining star –
That his soul shall live on
Forever in tonight’s sky.
I remember each time
He got under my nerves
He’d run around in circles
Speeding away and then closer
My blood would boil,
My temper would raise,
But as I was trying to control him
I too had to control my own self.
Remembering this, I soon found strength
To take him under my wing
And lead him forward.
Yet no longer can I share this with him
No longer is he waiting at the top of the bank
For me to emerge, amidst day’s light
Wondering what it was
That I was to get up to again.
I miss him, my friend, every part of him
Even taking the ticks out
From his thick winter wool,
I miss his little bites
And my own barking of commands
I miss him involved
In my every day routine
Scooping out food
Making him sit and shake.
I notice my changing;
It’s been 4 whole days
Since I walked through the forest
We minded together;
I notice me changing
Into without my best friend;
I notice me lingering longer
Upon tasks full of focus,
No longer taking moments
To shower some love
Upon a small beast
Whom I every bit miss dearly.

Unintelligently (day 804)

I couldn’t have struggled through your disaster without the common knowledge that you’re batshit crazy. I mean, I knew you were batshit crazy the whole time, but it’s even more tragic when it’s unintelligently directed at me.

Honestly baby, it doesn’t look good on you, that shade of abusive humor and ill suited temper that rolls off your tongue with vigorous encouragement from your minions who are just as uneducated, particularly on the logistics of the complication that’s arisen here, as you are.

I’m not sure what part I should even attempt to understand; my innocent discussion was nitpicked like the crows at the side of the road… Did you really miss the smile about the side of my face? It hurts me when you know I’m a sensitive being and just trying to keep cool.

It’s not even logical to me! It’s like the clock struck bat shit o’clock and out came the fangs hissing because they simply smelt dinner. And I wasn’t even invited to the party in the first place!

God dammit.