The Back Of the Book (day 896)

Why does the world have to die like this
An endless jaunt through crowded parks
Heartaches that climb up through the heart
Passed by breath from lung to lung
Lumping into salivial glands

Memories that remind innocence
How far time that’s yet to come
Has left them remembering why
An arrow has never remained straight
Lapping at the oceans edge

Each star, remaining a soul
Holding onto an unforgotten memory
Never understood, never accepted
Never wanted and hoped against
Battling with unending tests

I cry for this moment
For this death that whispers to all of us
Screeching to a halt in accidental disarray
I am not a cause for understanding
Victimless and harmless and misunderstood

So remind me of an arching smile
Radiating eyes and hugs that last too long
Leave me remembering what will never again be
Again, a lost answer in the back of the book
A scribbled name in hasty mischief

Tears running below my chin
Death so close I can touch it
A hurt longing for the tips of my toes
The soul hovering
As a chance of love and heartache and an unending story

I’m Sorry (day 786)

I’m sorry for wishing upon a star
I’m sorry for shading in my grays
I’m sorry for holding my glass half full
I’m sorry for not wearing socks
I’m sorry for listening to birds
I’m sorry for squeezing my hugs tight
I’m sorry for singing in the rain
I’m sorry for dancing you around in circles
I’m sorry for laughing at the jokes
I’m sorry for whispering into winds
I’m sorry for handling the hot dishes
I’m sorry for opening your door
I’m sorry for carrying the heavy stuff
I’m sorry for kissing you under that old oak
I’m sorry for making you tea

Yes is the Answer (day 593)

Frustration and anger build up unexpectedly
Formulated from plans that run astray quite rapidly
If you think you’ve had it under some sort of control
You’re leaning on the wrong bush, my friend
But no, don’t take my warnings
Gloat in your power struggle for the weak minded
Take all apples and covet them now
Just watch as they turn rotten and spoil

Lessons learned come from saying yes more often
We learn from these moments great things of importance
Like the heights of buildings or secret lairs
Or even by bonding with humans of unprecedented intelligence

Listen to your instincts, let it guide you forth
Let it be your path to the future
It’s friendly, it’s nice. It’ll even hold your hand
It’ll keep you happy on those nights all alone
Believe me when I say that if you take on this day
With a pen and your mind and a smile
That without much delay, it’ll all come your way
And you’ll shine like the star that you are

First Star (day 553)

It is like the night, when the first star rises
When I look deep into your eyes
It is like the sound of the first splash of water
As the fun jumps into the lake
The calm all around
With instantaneous sparks of emotion
In a midsummer bliss

Naked lovers that lay in each others arms
Watching those first stars speckle the evening sky
The night shift of animals come out
Creeking along the hidden paths

Do you want to come over for dinner?
Mom will be making chicken fry
You won’t be able to stay the night
But we can watch a movie in the basement
Nobody will bother us there
I like laying in your arms like that
Do you like it too?

A Perfect Sin (day 59)

Today has been a day of love
A day of passing and of ever lasting
Today has been a day to record
All I’ve thought of, all that’s passed

I’ve been to the moon,
And I’ve sailed right back
I’ve followed a star
As it raced through the sky

Today I lost a little letter
That read like vanilla upon smooth silk
It fell between the whispered promises
That left a stain on glittered premises

I’ve held onto sympathetic angels
But like grasping at air
I’ve witnessed them crashing
As I’ve called out their names

Today I threaded with the devil’s needle
It felt like I sinned
Today I couldn’t help smiling
I’ve lived a little, and boy it sure feels good.

Tired (day 32)

Tired this late
When slow songs permeate
Deep into starry nights silent shadows

Pillows and nets
With weighted down blankets
Millions of tiny little hallows

Divine the time
Pick up the books and rhyme
Button up shirts and collar tied bows

Be gone my lad
Fear not the fading fad
Illuminated night a star still glows