Road Remains (day 873)

So which was my desire
Of places, spaces
I’ve left to be here
That took me tither
Away from the others
Into chance of a matter
Designs of instance
Practically insistence
To come from without,
‘Cause I’ve left
Desires: left
Intuition crippled
Gamble is gone
Where the road remains on

Crimson Shakes (day 864)

Waking with the burden on my back
Crawling the narrow channels of my neck
Pain so deep it speaks off the walls
And drips into my uncomfortable cocoon
I’ve disturbedly rolled out flat
Fire engine red blares in and out
Of conscious moments of reality
This is a space between spaces
No quarter for heavy thoughts
Too where light falls upon closed eyes
That slips back into crimson shakes

A Young Lovers Slow Dance (day 208)

Romantic getaways slowly fill the empty voids that creep up within the spaces
Hold tight the angels in the night, they call upon open windows from creeping vines
Precious laughter bottled into a fragile carafe, carefully flirting the rim of desire
Holler! Young lovers in the night; heed not the glowing numbers hovering lazily about your frame
Capture what makes sense within these bronzing statues staring gaily into the night
Play the keys of that slow song, heavy with personality and strong with soul
Dance, young lovers. Dance slowly into the night; find penance amongst the empty voids