Glide (day 789)

Would you glide under me
If I told you how tremendous your advantage was?
Gently laying your hands
Upon my aggressive hips
Digging deeper for anticipated passion
Rustling night air with sensuality
Do you like the way music
Catches hold of our souls and ignites fire
Hidden sublimely in the embers?
There is a saturation point
Where sight isn’t relevant
Eyelids gently shut and
Eyes rolled to the sky
Toes curling in an arching kind of way
Just like the small of your back would feel
If I were to encourage you
To glide under the touch of
My well trained hands
Like a man as a lover should

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Deep Dark Mystery (day 467)

I plunge headlong into unrelenting waters below
Unafraid of heartbreak and turmoil they lead me to
For on this path, I am unaware of else that calls
It is I who seeks divinity

But I who seeks is not so vain
To ignore love from other souls
Embrace it well, and share the same
I cry out loud to enjoy the hard rain

Further out breakers roll off moons shiny path
Tempting eyes to dance amongst nymphs
Who carry candles as they weave their way through the conscience
It is this that controls freedom of thought

And I upon this ground so solid
Feel further into the future
Letting go the knotted, slimy tether
Holding together what the sworn remember

Atop This Hill (day 357)

I’m not alone on this hill
Of which I sit atop here today
No, I’m joined by a few
Estranged souls come to view

One of which that has hair
The fiery red of the devil
Another with hair of an angel
A third who has hair
So dark that it shines
Against the pale blue
Above here today

That man over there
With wild hair and a beard
Perhaps intends to imitate
Orwell in his form!

Ah what a day
What a glorious day
Alive here in London
And these trees

I can hear in the distance
Children playing and laughing
As if school weren’t still in session
Perhaps it’s the day
Where all go out to play
Giving teachers a moment to relax

…side note: I should have brought corn nuts with me up here…

Shadows (day 275)

Cool nights like these are the ones that seek my own sanity
Deep within the pipe whistle that blares out these two toned ears
Like the sharp edges that cut this time so

Perhaps the shadows will be a bit more forgiving
With their loss of dimensions
All willy nilly changing to the motion of light
Sometimes here, sometimes there
Sometimes falling in a steady glow about your gaze
Transfixed into the lost souls that speak forgotten tongues
Yet work the windows like Jack Frost in the waking hour

Don’t mind that scratching sound now
Don’t mind those omnipresent shadows
Don’t mind the strange noises crawling down your spine
Don’t forget to say your prayers tonight

Mattered (day 259)

This is the last draw
The strain on the straw
This is the tipping point
Pulling out of this joint

It wouldn’t have mattered
Had it been said another way
It told me all, as it needed to
I am a warrior, unafraid of you

Judgement has passed on again
Deep within this chain link fence
We battered the souls of the searching one
Wore him down like a beaten son

The wind just blew away
Left us alone here today
Are you afraid, in your little way?
I’m mad, and the killings on

Lost Lovers (day 227)

The wind sweeps through like the souls of lost lovers
Chilling the blinds as they flap lifelessly in the delaying sunlight
Spreading it’s thoughts deep amongst the floorboards
Littered with memories and superficial decay
Time keeps carrying the wanderers on
Further and further into the romance we only get little glimpses of
This is the distance we only know as silent observers
Holding hands with thoughts we’ve only dared read in books