Fly Southward (day 878)

Audible melodies yell out to me
From browns and yellows and oranges
And decay coiling around the forest floor
Waltzing in a downward spiral
Escaping grasping tops of trees
Shedding for coming seasons
And Orchard grass spreading seedlings
About the popular field surrounding
Swept about by gusting winds
Tickling the noses of passing strangers
While squirrels burrow deeper
Birds fly southward
And sun sets earlier

2013.10.09 - Prince George Forest (23 of 176)

Miss Flower Light (day 665)

Oh my stars and heavenly angels
I’ve fluttered down to delightful petals
Can you match my imagination in colour?
The garden, it’s fresh
Spilling over onto grass
Roaming over mountains
With one tiny seedling
And filling our noses
Of such sweet sweet nectar
Harvested in spells so thick
Even sunshine pauses here a while
With daisies, and pansies
Tulips and violets
Poppeys and bleeding hearts
Such beautiful glory
For my days on this earth
Every day filled with laughter
Tickling my nose and
Infecting my colour
Spreading my wings
As I take dizzied flight
Lost in such intoxication
That float me on
Into the day of love
Oh my stars and heavenly angels

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