Slave’s Still Fight

I am immense
And stuck
And broken in my battle;
Giants tearing trees
And Titans throwing boulders.

How do I convey my meanings
When I am unreasonable
Living inside a dream
Of everyone’s meaning well.

Does my habit become your habit?
Do I lose myself into you?
Does my soil sprout many plants?
Can I hope to grow with you?

For my beast of rage
Within my deep breaths
Is evermore, everclear,
And hoping for more tomorrow
For my heart fights back
My heart fights for freedom
In a change
That cannot grow faithfully
To the slave of a great wrong.

Broken Arrow Peddler (day 3139)

Ten shades of a broken arrow
Stretched across the sky
Moon and sun both couldn’t hide
So they raged, no dawn, no dusk.

A peddler man came walking down
In a suit quite unknown in that world,
Had two tones of gravity
Two handfuls of pure dirt.

In each promise the hook was set
Deeper and deeper it took
Just like moon and sun,
They raged, they raged, they raged.

The end became, the gone be gone
The rules left written down
Nailed to a city square post
Discarded cloth and plastic close by.

The moon became calm and laid away
A soft silver spoon for a tomorrow,
The sun, alert, smiled peacefully
And awoke children so sewn.

Once Seed (day 2771)

Rage at the antics talking heads play
Forced to surrender, no other way
Lost is ancient, history’s gone
For a game of dollars, enemy’s way
Has taken our diversity
Plants natural genome
Genetically modified, organic no more
Infecting, irreversible turned our seed
Unrecognized, sterile, stale,
Yet to talking heads playing games
A patent awaits the honeybees bum
To take from the farmer lands that his hands
Have nurtured and worked,
Life giving no more.
/end lawsuit

Thought Battles Clutter (day 705)

When the fury of time
Grips down on your mind
Cursing your veins
Panic holds the reins

Breath becomes shorter
Thought battles clutter
Heat builds inside
Mind flirting high

These battling moments
Painstaking engagements
Are where men arise
And children will die

With hard grit teeth
Throw away, impeach!
Throw off this shell
Begone with hell!

Rage from our eyes
Come alive, don’t die!
Charge on, smartly forth
Take heed of the course

Flow Within (day 590)

If I move aside
Will love swarm in
If I pull outwards
Will it flow within

Dangling roses in front of my nose
I stroke the wild beast with sharpened fangs
Laying beside heavens that rumble with rage
I watch the sunsets roll on in

In this space, it is whole
It is dark corners with sweet soul sounds
And polka dots that swell with pride
Slumbering around in a flowy night-robe

Back and Forth (day 446)

So then as I glazed over my gritty resolutions to reek no more mayhem
The adolescent monster inside of my thickening skull began to itch
Screaming out louder as the ticks on the wall began to lurch forward
I could not resist the urge to plunge in head over heels like a bat outa hell
Flying with rage I ran with all my strength, hands flailing in the air
Through all the cobwebs and lashing out at the unseen ghost
Darkness had begun to surround me, increasing the hysteria
And all too soon I was flickering, dazed in a pool of disturbia
Like a lone lightbulb hanging from an empty room swinging back and forth

Back and forth. Back and forth.

I tumbled dryly in a heap of exhaustion
Not quite sure what had just come to pass
The sweat on the back of my neck told me it was good
But the throbbing in my hands told me that tomorrow would hurt like hell
I could hear the slow drip from some unknown source in the other corner
It’s labored breath hinted that I wasn’t alone in destruction
My eyes failed to focus on the distance, spinning as they were
All I could do was sit there, head against the cold brick wall
Hands by my side slowly fingering the cold stones I sat upon

Back and forth. Back and forth.

Lost is For Good (day 137)

Lost lovers and lost sinners
Remind me of death
Accept it and rage it
Decide to eat it alive

It’ll set you not forward
If you take it to heart
It’ll teach you to crawl
If understand it you try

Wail out a beat given lonely
Narrate a poem long and comely
Never sit down in style
With past; long, gone, and well