Todo (day 2519)

Counting out dollars of an unmarked womans purse
She told me I had nice hair, I said she was rather curt
That is when she told me about her dear old fathers luck
That had run its course as a scholar written from a pen of steel
I was young, she was pretty, we had fun and then we both remained
Dear friends just all the same.
When the water boiled I poured the tea for three
She hadn’t come alone but we seemed to be private
I wrinkled up my nose to an unexpected story
That had me rather wondering when I would ever read his book
So we took just a minute to choose what herbs would do
And we sipped, then we stirred, and sighed until we finished
All the deeds left to do in a scholarly mans todo.

Proper Amount of Loving (day 1890)

My proper amount of loving has holes in the sides
From windows to the sea to eyes of the sky
And when little birds come to see what all the commotion is about
A song will emanate so warmly
Soft hand will come out as a lover
To speak kind words in private
And let me know how simple life has all become
Since a proper amount of loving has been found in this world.

Readings in Sociology (day 49)

Honesty creeps in to the cobwebs
Getting slowly tangled by the conglomerate
Mass produced media machine
Propagating the good life
The life you believe is the life
The life you see is the life
Through properly reflected beams of light

And you sit amazed, I try not to stare

NAFTA swears they make you freer
Yet demand you sell your food
For cheaper than you can make it
Demand you don’t complain
When your forced to eat the backs
Off your own beady prosperity

And you sit amazed, I try not to stare

Lower wages, longer work hours
Outsourcing, downsizing
Globalizing, restricting
Letting things work their way out
Private, public, selling, buying
Insider, lobbyist, missionary, representative

And you sit amazed, I try not to stare