(day 2510)

To learn more constellations
To sail the astronomical seas
To divine with angles found
In unearthly sights unseen
For as I look up to the stars
While frogs make music yonder
And a fire cackles behind my back
To warm my dreaming body
I find a way to waltz around
From Perseus to Orion
And maybe Cassiopeia will
Dance the night away with me.

Perseus (day 1640)

Perseus, Perseus, son of god Zeus
No other then him slayed Gorgon: Medusa.
Sent by the King of Serifos, Polydectes,
Who, by way of riddance could pursue his dear mother,
Danae, Danae, poor daughter and victim
An Oracle’s fear for a grandson’s the killer.
Though as time would challenge
Young Perseus returned victor
Only to see Danae again prisoner!
Polydectes of Serifos no longer of throne,
Beat by dead eyes of Gorgon, Medusa.
Atlas to stone, a Titan’s burden relief.
Andromeda, Andromeda, sea faring Andromeda,
We long for your passage and fear for your voyage.
At long last at sea, a battle with sea monster,
A mortal to save you? Hardly be thy Princess’s call,
For Perseus put to stone the sea monster assail,
And long ever after, Perseus and Andromeda
King and Queen of Serifos
Eternally shining nightly.