Notes (day 2296)

On the note that I wrote
I said I wasn’t able to grow
It had two long names
I’m not about to repeat
But at the end of the letter
I had two last words
That never came out
Because I had become afraid of you
And then I left unheard
With a broom in my hand
Sweeping up each piece
That shattered as I wept
About the loss of a book
Written two pages at a time
As if it knew it’s turn
And I shall not return
For I have a note in my pocket.

Long Tea (day 1362)

You had never been to London,
Though you worked a crooked game.
You had long lines of a lonely lover,
You were always on my mind.

There were singing birds passing
Sky high to be always better,
You shared thoughts of sweet memories,
You were always on my mind.

Your fingers opulently touched
Every line of each note taken,
Supple lips of secret sensations,
You were always on my mind.

Sweet tea of lemon ginger.
Black jeans with broken leather.
Foreign food and I knew better,
You were always on my mind.


Floating Tragedy (day 1146)

My heart floats into a tragedy
Like cats painted on my baby boys nursery wall.

Destined and predetermined
And midnight moon lonely.

Don’t scare me.
Don’t listen to those lonely secrets.

Don’t float the note, sealed in the
Hand-crafted sailing boat down the community stream.

Don’t cry the grass alive
From your lonely tower.

I’m a birthday balloon
From cheap dollar store blues.

My heart floats on into tragedy.
A single bill with no underlining.

I’m a water and chips
At the liquor store diner.

I’m on the lonely side of uncomfortable fabric.
And my heart floats into unrequited tragedy.

And your loose limits
Are crying my name.

Passing By (day 880)

Perhaps I shouldn’t have heard it
Ears pierced forever more
That lay me down
To press me round
Into oblivion

But who was I to say it nay
To say it wasn’t right
For passing by
As I was high
Hardly did I note

Say it is true that now I sit
Wondering what then went on
It wasn’t mine
To kill the time
Gone my piercing truth

A Love Note (day 781)

I thought I was picking up a love note
Delicate letters written for her eyes only
Speaking of some fair damosels beauty
With long golden hair so fine
Fairy tales were written with it in mind
Perhaps of her smooth and noble skin
So soft it soothed any sad thoughts away
I thought I was going to read about
Such graceful and elegant fingers
Scarcely seen a day of hard labors toil
Or of the emotions evoked from
Eyes so blue and deep
Philosophers sought them to speak of future

But alas, what I had found
Was a list of odd measurements
Unintelligible and incomprehensible