Thought Battles Clutter (day 705)

When the fury of time
Grips down on your mind
Cursing your veins
Panic holds the reins

Breath becomes shorter
Thought battles clutter
Heat builds inside
Mind flirting high

These battling moments
Painstaking engagements
Are where men arise
And children will die

With hard grit teeth
Throw away, impeach!
Throw off this shell
Begone with hell!

Rage from our eyes
Come alive, don’t die!
Charge on, smartly forth
Take heed of the course

Yes is the Answer (day 593)

Frustration and anger build up unexpectedly
Formulated from plans that run astray quite rapidly
If you think you’ve had it under some sort of control
You’re leaning on the wrong bush, my friend
But no, don’t take my warnings
Gloat in your power struggle for the weak minded
Take all apples and covet them now
Just watch as they turn rotten and spoil

Lessons learned come from saying yes more often
We learn from these moments great things of importance
Like the heights of buildings or secret lairs
Or even by bonding with humans of unprecedented intelligence

Listen to your instincts, let it guide you forth
Let it be your path to the future
It’s friendly, it’s nice. It’ll even hold your hand
It’ll keep you happy on those nights all alone
Believe me when I say that if you take on this day
With a pen and your mind and a smile
That without much delay, it’ll all come your way
And you’ll shine like the star that you are

What Could Be (day 571)

There are days when it feel like I’ve narrowly been missed
Like if I stare for a few more moments
I’ll catch your reflection in the mirror
Standing there beside me, as it should be

New age, digital sentences

Walk with fine breaths that catch uncontrollably
Upon the thoughts of what could be
What if the romance was sparked
Living a life inside a headspace

Old age, humbled forgiving

Books with notes clutter the conscience with a lingering smell
Dust rolls off the thoughts like dew in the sunshine
And life carries on, like time
As books multiply in the mirrors

Dear Children (day 458)

My dear children
I’ve been waiting here some time
I’ve been holding onto my book
Flipping through the yellowed pages
Thinking of you

My son, your charmed elegance
Your presence simply beams my pride
Startling personality
That I grow to appreciate
How I’ve missed you

Dear daughter of my own style
How beautiful your long hair is
You make me long so much of my younger days
I wish I still had your skin
My beautiful girl, the love we have

I cherish these times my dear Children
I wish we could always remember
These beautiful moments here
Sure enough, as days pass on
We will not laugh nearly as much

Repair (day 272)

Once in a while
When the sun stays out just a little bit later
The moments make sense
The days crawl along my palm
In the rows I’ve always known

And then, just like prior
The sun dips below the surface
All hell breaks loose
The darkness brings in misery
Strange, strange misery

Perhaps its the coolness
That invites what we’ve never known
Into our lives like a cool cloth
Perhaps it’s the cool we should fear
While out in the midnights air

Just as the last
And the future to come
The sun shines again
Holds on real strong
Hugs me, in a moment of repair