Small Places (day 2619)

I want to find love in the smallest of places
I have always hoped it would hit me

It doesn’t it wont.

It tickles me when I’m ready and tries me when I’m not
It challenges me as if I forgot to bookmark
And I dont care if I reread pages
It’s a good book that was handed to me
By a friend I have always known well
And haven’t seen in a long time.

This is not sadness
This is scanning the CB radio for anything that’s not static
This is singing to trees and a dog
This is a thought while sitting in meditation
Along a river that’s as perfect as I could ever dream love to be.

And with raindrops comes new growth
And with hello comes a goodbye
That doesn’t have to stay long
Because memory is a uncontrollable gift
We each get a chance to retrace
Though shall never lead to the perfect day
But make vision in our hands
Clear as the sky we look upon.

Glistening in Moonlight (day 629)

It is beautiful, your waltzes
That have stars spinning on their toes
They catch my breath in sweet meditation
While the ground parts dirt for each step
Legs glistening in moonlight
With ripples of motion and sensual glances
I hear wind whispering kisses in my ear
The same shouted loud from your eyes
I glide to the rhythm of the night
Waltzing along in the shadow of your breath
Clapping my Italian leather heels to your beat
Sending echoes down the lamp-lit street
Off into muffled sounds of laughter