Distance of an Ancient Mariner (day 3223)

I have not forgotten about you
You were there
And so was I
We watched as the imaginary boats
Drifted in from an ancient time
Carrying modern culture and spices.
I wore leather soles
And dreamed of a once was place
That took my breath away
With life.
I don’t know
If I’ll ever be able to forget you
But some days I do try
So that my vision
Doesn’t remain so distant
And the calling
Of an ancient mariner
Doesn’t glance to the sea
Remembering you.

Comfort In Your Eyes (day 2767)

There are diamonds
That glow amber
And your eyes
That shine brighter
Each star
Burning up
In the night sky
I’m looking at.

Big old pine trees
That tell of ancient
Mariners searching
For a lost fish
Out at sea
Every wave
Shakes each stone
By my feet.

Do you remember
How far the sun goes
Before it falls behind
That yonder hill
Take me over
To the pasture
I know no other
Calling home.

My Illument Back (day 1158)

Should you have rolled me into that pixie white gown?
I laughed with the mariners first touch of ground.
Fire is a gentle nature and this is my bed,
Candles sing songs lingering on into eve.

You are the nature and I am the dreamer,
I am the weaver and you are my story.

My delicate folding showed my illument back,
Stark in this darkness which I escaped into dreams.
Your seaman’s hoarseness upon my plumped, splayed curls,
Changing hands with a thousand dusting fairies.

You are the nature and I am the dreamer,
I am the weaver and you are my story.

And this morning dew and fog brings adieu,
Seaman cold thunderstorm, restless I blow the wind.
Boots go away knocking: your only whispers I can hear.
Untying knots and a lover’s foreign spices.

Dispelled Legions (day 900)

Legions of piping bands
Tunics bedazzled with
Ten foot peacock feathers
Rubies hemmed with gold
Chin straps and rosy lips
While out of breath
Gasping for breath

Left right left
Left right left
To the tune of ancient mariners
Ramshackled by a recent gale
Lonely and bygone
But strapped with infinite hope

Discovering smiles
On passing children
Who stop and stare
Slack jawed and dreaming
Holding mother’s pant leg close

And the song chirps loudly
As all of us dream
Focused determination spreads
About each members mane
They walk the fine line
Between 7th and Fraser
15th and Vine

On past these streets
In a cold autumn breeze
Biting into saturated spectators
With empty bottles of hot chocolate
Rattling along with cold children
And dispelled souvenirs