Burning Star (day 2102)

Lucifer has finally come to me:
Rocketships still burning fuel so fast
Emptiness everywhere is filling up
All around I feel the burning sun
In my mind it is just like a star
To which I feel consumption in my bones
it is wild and threatening here
Dancing madmen with twice bigger guns
Adam’s father and his henchmen all around
My feet can never leave a solid rock.
Lucifer has finally come to me.

Floating (day 432)

I keep floating between that which I know
And that which eludes me in times of need
I keep on guessing at habits which I know
A game meant for madmen and the self-conscious
One at which I heed not the cautions of
And plunge headlong in: full of heart
Ignoring the darkness looming ahead
Anticipating the rocky ledges that mark the path
Catching me at most of the corners
Scraping my knees as I tumble forth
Then again, I find myself afloat
Wandering in this listless dream