Mended Arrows (day 1667)

I’ve left out all my wiles
For a holiday in heaven,
A turn upon the road
To reach where my heart is still as still can be.

You, you were always forgiveness,
You were the mended arrow
A light beyond my vision
But illuminating my walk.

And how come I’ve been dreaming
Of a memory I’m believing
When I’ve got all of my stories
In a rucksack on my back.

There were twenty one good reasons
To hold onto the heathens
As they quickly walked on past
All in excitement and pure jubilee.

But you, you are plenty appealing
You hold me in good standing
And have brought me all my planning
That’s been brought out in the end.

So darling, reach out your good hand,
A wand of my believing,
To make my heart forever bleeding
As an arrow for your sweet light.


Hemoglobin (day 1021)

Don’t purchase my love;
I want you to bleed.
I want you to lay down
And sacrifice everything,
A pure devotion
Of unrelenting desire.
A life long pursuit
Of fear and anger
And joy and jubilee
And blood.
I want you to bleed.
And for me to feed
The ever increasing need
Of hemoglobin
With my raw and carnal instinct,
So omnipresent
That you shall become me.
And I will be your lifeline.

I Am Dance (day 868)

I’m the river and I am rain
I’m the song that sounds the same
I’m the lost and I am found
I’m the up and I am down
I’m the whisper that came out loud
I’m the suns forever cloud
I’m the light in times of dark
I’m the meow and I am the bark
I’m the sorrow and jubilee
I’m the thought and memory
I’m the offense and I defend
I’m the game and I am the end

Between the Hours (day 823)

I think I forgot my whispers
Ones that wrote of yonder Princes
Striking down foreign conquerors
Wooing fair maidens
And stringing hearts of a thousand courtly ladies
While helping down the fair damosel
Just returned from toxic waters of journeyed shores

I think I forgot to share my love
To shout aloud upon the clouds
About the sky I journeyed to
As the lofty journeyer goes
Where lost was I upon seeing the hawk
And starlings grow
But couldn’t I, in all my guise
Demand a prize forever young

I never knew
I never dreamed
I never sat about the stream
For there I was
Shallow waters
Lost thought

I think I forgot an ancient order
That chivalry demanded
And Providence triumphed
That lasted ’til the morrow gathered
Which never came for long was laughter
Long were hands that guided home
Between the hours of jubilee & rest