Angels Arms (day 342)

Heavens fall upon the grounds I walk in the darkening hour
To early for goblins, to late for gods
The sinful presence of something ethereal
Swallows up my veins in a cool tranquil

And listlessly I walk forth into the night
Waiting for the bright street light
To take control of the mood and awake this state
I cross my arms and beg no mercy

But in the path of mourning that I resist
There is a tiny ember that floats aglow
And I, who believes, ponder and stare
What could it be that floats through my hair

At first it seems like an answer to the past
But then it cries the way I’ve forgotten about
Resting in my hands the time tolls on
The angels arms they soon grow strong

In These Shoes (day 159)

Fueled by urban rush
Styling through leftover plush
The balanced hair left a little smear
Sexy walks and glaring looks

No, we’re happy in these shoes

Give me blood
And I’ll ask for scabs
Give me cocktails
And I’ll ask for napkins
Give me rainbows
And I’ll ask for the rain
Give me eyebrows
And I’ll ask for the lips
Give me hair
And I’ll fray it everywhere

Now we’re happy in these shoes

Le Chaton (day 131)

Aside I stretch
Long and lean
Inside I wander
Proverbial and clean

The glare a thousand
Yawns away
The feeling of hunger
Always at bay

The hair clean
Licked and shined
The claws they work
In and out

And you my friend
You feel so great
Your leg it brings
A playful date

A lap to curl in?
A nook to squeeze?
A friend indeed
A friend to me