I am my own frustrations
For there is no seperate
What I see
I believe
And become
So lookout.

I ride the borealis
With wild eyes and spitfire
A demon
In my heart
Runs wild
Late at night.

Now vegabonds
Now miscreants
Now misdeeds
And devilry
Now laughter
Now chaos
And discover
Who we are.

Resting (day 3207)

This is the feeling of broken again
The one that rest inside
And cannot find words to share
Because the words that come
Are accusations
Words that will take us nowhere
A fight I no longer have the breath
To take an inhale for.
So I will close my eyes
And rest my deepest rest
So that I can find within
The soul that needs to rise
From the broken pieces

A Calm Exhale (day 725)

A peaceful song pulls at my thoughts
Sweeping my soul through a meadow
Filled with low hanging weeping willows
And a gurgling brook
With tufts of grass flanking that stream
Fuzzy colours all around
Like a post-impressionist dream
Filtered through the eyes of societies insanity

The only thing trampling the mood
Is the outside world blaring from a tube
Shucking the calm that flows within
Into a frustration so pitted it groans
A casual breath turns towards forced
Focusing on zen, the art of happiness
Resisting the urge to call out and reform

With one simple application of a minor force
Sounds die out, echoing in the walls
Crafting witty remarks amongst the plants
That reflect the incandescent glow
A warm glow of a settling mood
Relaxing within the peaceful song
Sweeping my pressured edges towards their sheaths
And collapsing my insanity into a calm exhale

Snapping Swiggleworms for Mr. Figglehorns (day 663)

Snapping frustrations and beetle bug-off-alis
I’ve come to the end of my rope!
I’ve chewed all these trees
And felled a great home
Just to lose it all to a mouse!
The Mrs can’t stand it
Won’t sleep for a wink
With that vermin’s scratching work at night
Start over again?!?
This ones gone on so well!
I’ve even built us two tiny windows!
The Mrs, you know ladies
Loves the window for sunsets…
Front door’s been painted
Kitchen’s been reno’d
My shed! Five years, it’s nearly complete!
Oh, I’ll get that there mouse
I’ll find him at last
Even if it takes me straight to the grave

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Yes is the Answer (day 593)

Frustration and anger build up unexpectedly
Formulated from plans that run astray quite rapidly
If you think you’ve had it under some sort of control
You’re leaning on the wrong bush, my friend
But no, don’t take my warnings
Gloat in your power struggle for the weak minded
Take all apples and covet them now
Just watch as they turn rotten and spoil

Lessons learned come from saying yes more often
We learn from these moments great things of importance
Like the heights of buildings or secret lairs
Or even by bonding with humans of unprecedented intelligence

Listen to your instincts, let it guide you forth
Let it be your path to the future
It’s friendly, it’s nice. It’ll even hold your hand
It’ll keep you happy on those nights all alone
Believe me when I say that if you take on this day
With a pen and your mind and a smile
That without much delay, it’ll all come your way
And you’ll shine like the star that you are